Perchance To Dream - Tomoe (Carna)

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Perchance To Dream - Tomoe (Carna)
Date of Cutscene: 31 January 2018
Location: Fearful Symmetry
Synopsis: A gamer has a dream.
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Tinyplot: Return To Escher

Sheena Armstrong dreamt of dragons.

Dragons of all shape and size and description.

All of them flying over her head.

Huge, bat-winged lizards, slender bird-winged serpents, ones that simply slithered through the chaotic skies in an undulating fashion.

Mighty tyrant lizards that charged across the ground, exotic dragon-headed beasts with massive turtle shells for their bodies.

Sea serpents and water dragons that swam through other planes of reality, giving their translucent forms a ghostly appearance.

Every form of dragon imaginable, and many more that had never been seen or conceived of by any human, all charging past her, over her, beneath her, around her.

All of them heading in one direction.

An endless void in the shape of a giant.

A void rife with the purest essence of human malice.

All that beauty, all that majesty, all that staggering power, swallowed up as the dragons threw themselves against a greater, and far more terrible force.

They fought to the best of their mighty forms and abilities, only to vanish forever.

The death of dragons. As a species, as all their myriad races and sub-races, as an entire concept.

The painful realization, that it is a sin born of human wickedness, and nothing more.

A dragon crashes to the ground nearby Tomoe, its flesh stripped, half of it gone, bleeding to death, its massive eye glazed over in pain but staring right at her.

Just from getting too close to the Unshaper.

A woman steps out from behind it. A vaguely familiar one.

She says, "We need to talk."

And then Tomoe wakes up.