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Alberichstadt is a town with potential. Standing firmly between the ancient and rural past of Germany and the modern city future, people from all walks of life have come to the town, being held up as a model of immigration and metropolitan acceptance.

Alberichstadt is a town with dreams. Drachenblatt Academy is a microcosm of the town as a whole, an old factory that had been renovated and equipped with modern educational materials, creating what has become a strange mixture of elite boarding school and heavily subsidized scholarships and financial assistance for those less fortunate. The design is experimental but has been hailed as a place where all can find their future.

Alberichstadt is a town with problems. Despite the metropolitan surface, tensions run high. A rash of missing person cases and teenagers have begun to exhibit a range of psychological and behavioral problems that have been commonly lumped together under the banner of the 'verlonekinder, or Lost Children', many blaming the stress of immigration and learning how to adapt to German society for their strange actions. Some say that they have seen an ominous man in red in the streets of the city, and Drachenblatt Academy suffers from intense class and national tensions which often are used as excuses to abuse one another in the school's social hierarchy. Inequality and the labyrinthine nature of the peerage in the school have given rise to many rumors and superstitions, lending the place an almost unreal air.

Alberichstadt is a place with darkness. Through the looking-glass of reality, another land awaits born from the the dreams and darkness of mankind, where the Black Queen rules from her castle and brings subjects into her realm of torment and the Pale Wolf stalks the unknown reaches, bringing the horror and finality of the monster to those who cannot escape its clutches. The Shadows grow within this Forest of Mirrors, and it becomes the duty of those who have discovered the existence of this place and awakened to the power of their own tales, the power of Persona, to determine its nature and learn the story of its inhabitants in order to save the town of Alberichstadt... and perhaps the entire world, from joining the Lost Children forever.





Title Date Scene Summary
P:WTWM - The Countess Who Sang To The Stars November 3rd, 2015 Someone has gone missing from Drachenblatt Academy. August and Hoshi are working to find them in a strange world, with the assistance of others who are willing to brave them.
P:WTWM - The Countess Who Sang To The Stars: Chapter Two November 10th, 2015 The students return to the Mirror Forest to meet with the Countess and save their classmate. Will they succeed?
Shadows Cast By Midnight Light January 11th, 2016 One cold night in Alberichstadt, the Shadows within the Mirror Forest seem agitated. A party of Elites go to investigate, and learn of tragic consequences.
P:WTWM - Cat People February 17th, 2016 A tank-wearing, cannon-wielding, swordfighting Shadow challenges the party to a battle, and proves to be much more than expected.
P:WtWM - The Dashing Herald of Bad News June 26th, 2016 Die Reisenden and friends travel into the Forest to rescue a rumormonger from the Shadows within.
PWTWM-An Acknowledged Threat-Prologue July 1st, 2016 Someone has been abducted once more, not long after the last time. But when Die Reisende searches the Mirror Forest for the victim, they find themselves obstructed.
PWTWM-An Acknowledged Threat-1 July 8th, 2016 Die Reisende takes their investigation for the missing student into the real world, after finding a list of possible names. But things don't go remotely as planned...
PWTWM-An Acknowledged Threat-2 July 15th, 2016 Die Reisende has entered the Mirror Forest with no preparation and an abducted...person? With a sprawling dungeon in front of them, surely they'll find answers...or a trap.
Persona:WTWM - And This Little Piggy August 9th, 2016 Ainsley 'chats' with the Pig, and learns some interesting things about his personality. The group finds an odd pair of Shadows, and August almost gets eaten by a vampire tree.
Persona:WTWM - Feeding Frenzy August 12th, 2016 DYNASTY WARRIORS, PERSONA EDITION! People wander into the Mirror Forest at a carnival, requiring Die Reisende to fight a Shadow onslaught, close the open mirrors, and find any clues possible!
Persona:WTWM - Black Coffee August 20th, 2016 The Majordomo of the Black Queen's Court makes an offer to some very useful people.
Persona:WTWM - The Doctor Is In September 1st, 2016 August visits the school nurse, and is in turn brought to the school therapist. Obviously these are inconsequential characters!
Persona:WTWM - The Winds of Time September 1st, 2016 The school nurse and the school therapist turn out to not be inconsequential at all! A Shadow bent on a strange ideal of Law and Order attacks a brave hero, who does not resemble any mascots at all!
Persona:WTWM - Long Live The King September 2nd, 2016 Everyone's <insert opinion here> tank-wearing cat returns! He has an offer to make, and helps the group start a catfight. Featuring a musical guest!
Persona: WTWM - The Inquisitor September 3rd, 2016 Ainsley has been taken by the Piper. A team is mobilized to enter the Cathedral of Lies to save her from her own Shadow.
Persona:WTWM FA1 - A Bunch of Fools September 16th, 2016 Day 1 of the School Festival Arc! Pasta, teriyaki, and fortune telling!
Persona:WTWM FA2 - Hit the Shack September 17th, 2016 Day 2 of the School Festival Arc! The adventures of the pizza guy! Also beer, poker, catgirls, the return of the King's Game, and a startling revelation about the White Pig.
Persona:WTWM FA3 - Operatic September 18th, 2016 Day 3 of the School Festival Arc! Hangovers, drama, and the true introduction of a new role.
Persona:WTWM FA4 - A Lesson on Bravery September 19th, 2016 The fourth and final day of the School Festival Arc. A fateful encounter.
P:WTWM - Training Excursion October 8th, 2016 Die Reisende trains for their battle with the Red Woodsman, which they are horribly unprepared for. They investigate an odd keep in the Forest, and find something incredibly eerie.
PWTWM: The Wolf of Samhain October 31st, 2016 On the night of Halloween, Fear stalks through the Mirror Forest. Several heroes move to rescue a kid from the Pale Wolf, the embodiment of Fear, but find themselves fighting their own inner nightmares. With Special Guest Stars!


Title Date Scene Summary
Trick or Treat (Persona: WTWM) October 31st, 2016 A woman makes a difficult decision, and a boy's first Halloween alone goes terribly wrong. (Takes place before The Wolf of Samhain)
Birthday Surprise (August Kohler) November 1st, 2016 August Kohler gets a belated birthday surprise.
Black Queen's Rage February 19th, 2018 The Black Queen, furious at the loss of the Pied Paper, extends her rage into the world beyond the Forest.
Black Queen's Message (Janine Liberi) March 10th, 2018 Adelle Kaufmann dreams. The Black Queen plans.