Black Queen's Rage

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Black Queen's Rage
Date of Cutscene: 19 February 2018
Location: Alberichstadt
Synopsis: The Black Queen, furious at the loss of the Pied Paper, extends her rage into the world beyond the Forest.
Cast of Characters: Janine Liberi
Tinyplot: Persona: Were the World Mine-1

Deep within her Castle, the Black Queen feels the loss of the Piper. Her only means of interacting with the world beyond her Forest. Her only means of flooding that world with her own servants, in the guise of humanity. No longer can she seed the influential people over there with her Changelings, to tip the scales in her favour.

Outwardly, she shows nothing. But her servants soon have the good sense to vacate the throne room as frost spreads across every surface, emanating from her throne. Those not quick enough are swiftly overtaken, and shatter on the spot. The glass within the room begins to fracture and splinter from the extreme cold. It is clear that she has let the humans become to strong. On this side of the mirror, they have become equals to her Court.

But what of on the other side? Perhaps the time has come to play that card...

Adelle Kaufmann was having a good day.

The cheerleaders and school band were too involved in interpersonal drama to pick on her for once (some cheerleader hooked up with the lead violinist's boyfriend? She didn't really care). The captain of the hockey team was in dire straits in regards to his grades, and so was too busy to harass her. And she managed to secure the corner seat of the cafeteria, out of sight from most of the room, so few would be able to torment her from a distance.

But Hans Beckendorf, son of a local businessman, was in sight of her, and was having none of that. With artful precision, he had loaded up a spoonful of mashed potato with a bunch of thumb tacks, points facing outwards, and was lining up his shot. "30 Euro says I can get her in the head," he hisses to Bobby Drek, an American exchange student sitting beside him, and inheritor of some lucrative oil fields.

Bobby does not answer verbally. Instead, he takes up the knife and fork from his lunch, and drives both into Hans' shoulders. The loud scream from the German fills the hall, but the American calmly shoves him from his seat, and then begins kicking his prone form viciously.

Two other students, Victoria Rous and Aleck Gorbalsky, had joined in on the assault by the time Hans was extracted. He had suffered broken ribs and fingers, but his father's wealth did not compare to the parents of his three attackers, and the school refused to get involved. Hospital bills were quietly paid, and the boy was transferred to a different school.

Adelle wasn't phased. Something like this wasn't an everyday occurrence, but it wasn't exactly uncommon either. That was life in Drachenblatt.