Personal Log: 04-17-AU24 (Juno Eclipse)

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Personal Log: 04-17-AU24 (Juno Eclipse)
Date of Cutscene: 17 April 2016
Location: The Rogue Shadow
Synopsis: Juno mulls over her motivations in rebelling against the Galactic Empire.
Cast of Characters: 428


AUTHORISATION: A50-624-8964:JE-5-7655-8056-2435:62


DATE: 04-17-AU24


"I've picked up another Imperial patrol on the sensors, and I've managed to get hold of some of their unshielded tightband chatter. It's amazing, the things you can find when you know how to look."

[Juno lets out a tired sigh.]

"They're still looking for Galen and I. At this point, the fact that we're both traitors is probably beside the point. It's the principle of the thing, now. We've got the audacity to hit the Empire where it hurts, at least a little bit, and now we've become the subject of damage control. I'm sure it must be a publicity nightmare, and that makes me smile a little."

"The important part is that I've managed to determine, from their careless chatter, that there's to be an Imperial Navy detachment assigned to hyperspace routes that pass through the multiverse. The Core Worlds and the Hydian Way just aren't enough for them, so they're going to start policing the multiverse, too? I'm sorry, but I'm not going to stand for that."

[There is a distinct slamming sound as Juno's fist connects with the pilot's chair arm. Her voice hardens.]

"They've done enough. For too long I blindly followed them, going so far as to think of them as family. For too long I didn't question them. I slaughtered an entire planet for them!"

[She pauses in her narration. When she continues, her voice is much softer.]

"I shouldn't have done that. Galen is trying to meditate, and I'm sure he can feel every ounce of my raging in the cockpit like a drunken fool. I haven't even touched the Corellian whisky."

[There's a sigh.]

"It almost hurts to touch those emotions. I've... I've kept them in for so long. But in a weird sort of way, it feels good to let it out."

[Juno takes a deep breath.]

"I stood by while they bullied, cowed, and enslaved an entire galaxy. I stood by while they murdered innocents. But I finally woke up when they gave me the order to do it again; to kill more innocent people who had nothing to do with rebellion or war or any of the things the Empire is so involved in. Thank the Force, I had the courage to wake up and say, 'enough.'"

[She sighs through her teeth, and there's the sound of her sagging back in the pilot's chair.]

"I still have nightmares about Callos. I still wake up screaming, or sobbing, and I can't even speak enough to tell Galen why. He suspects, I know, and I know once upon a time he had access to my personnel files. I just can't talk to him about that. Not yet. I'm not ready."

"But I have to do something. For those people. I imagine their ghosts at night, when I sleep; calling me, demanding that I take action in their name and in their memory. I guess this is, in some small way, my atonement. I'm not doing any of this for myself."

"I'm doing it for Callos."

"Tomorrow, I'm going to rest and get this ship as fighting fit as it's able to be. After that, I'm going to find some people I trust and I'm going to find out where the next multiversal detachment of the Imperial Fleet's going to be. I believe I know where to find that information."

"Once I've got all of that, then I'm going to do everything I can to tear through that fleet like one of Galen's lightsabers."

[There's a long pause.]

"For Callos."