Perspective (Lexicon)

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Perspective (Lexicon)
Date of Cutscene: 11 January 2017
Location: Britannica
Synopsis: An agent for the Paladins seeks out the child-like guardian of Britannica.
Cast of Characters: Lexicon

"Find the child-like guardian of Britannica, huh?"

Britannica, The System

Silver Cathoderal

Several days ago

Mason Styles examines a photograph depicting two brown-haired girls on either side of an older-looking brunette. After a moment, he lowers the picture to examine the two brown-haired girls standing in front of him. The more demure of the pair has her hands folded primly, while the one dressed in pink props her hands on her hips, leaning towards him.

"We help run this place so speak up! What is it you want anyway?" the pink-clad twin demands.

"Ah," Mason pauses, then folds his arms behind his back, "I represent a certain organization and have been sent to recruit you to assist in our cause. My name is Mason."

"My name is, um. Index." The blue-clad twin confesses with a little bow.

"Oh! I'm Codex!" Pinkie declares, leaning back, "So you want us to come help you out with something? Is there a reward?"

"Ahh? I hope it's candy!" Index's eyes close at the thought.

"...Candy?" Mason hesitates. Well. The order did specify the guardian here was child-like. "Well, I guess that could be arranged. We're a peacekeeping organization, you see, so someone with your talents would be very helpful to have around."

"Oh, sure!" Codex beams, "We'll help you out, even if there isn't some kinda reward."

"Mmhmm~." Index nods twice, "We like to help people."

"Well, why don't we step outside?" Mason jerks a thumb over his shoulder, "I have the paperwork in my car." He turns for the great exit doors, twins in tow-and stops.

"What is this about?" The voice is soft and measured. Its source stands in the door: The taller brunette from the photo, a plastic shopping bag dangling from the inside of her sleeve where her hand must be, neatly concealed. Her face is impassive, almost tired, like she's expecting to take a nap once she's done whatever errand she's on.

"Oh!" Codex leans out to Mason's left side, "This guy's gonna take us off on an adventure!"

The brunette's stance tenses, eyes cast in shadow.

"Yeah," Index leans out to Mason's right, "And he was going to give us some candy."

Without warning, digital light flashes around the taller girl's right hand, coalescing into a steel hammer. Her gaze lifts just enough to show the ominous red circle of one glowing eye. Immediately, Mason throws his hands up in surrender, "I can explain!"


"Ah ha," Stylono chuckles, "So it was a case of mistaken identity?"

"I didn't think it was very funny. I think mister Mason's learned a lesson about perspective," Lexicon mutters, teasing her teacup's rim with a fingertip, "But this Paladins organization seems promising. I'm going through with it."