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By remaining connected to this site you agree to Multiverse Crisis MUSH's policy, detailed in this file and our disclaimer, detailed in Disclaimer. Anyone who doesn't agree to the terms in these files will be removed from the MUSH immediately.

Core Policy

  1. The MUSH isn't a democracy. If you have a problem with policy or a staff decision, submit a +request/feedback, send us @mail, or on sensitive matters directly contact a staffer you trust.
  2. Don't attempt to compromise the server or MUSH's security, and don't use the MUSH as a platform to try to compromise the security of other sites.
  3. Don't bring harm to the MUSH. Don't be a jerk, treat others how you'd want them to treat you, and use common sense. Don't harass people; if they tell you to leave them alone do it.
  4. Rules lawyering, or claiming "it doesn't explicitly break a rule" isn't a valid defense, and is itself a rules violation.
  5. When disciplinary action is taken against you, don't go public trying to erase or downplay the disciplinary action. Running damage control makes you look bad, and puts staff in the awkward position of letting the lie play out or pointing out it's a lie. An example of this would be saying you're going on vacation or taking a voluntary break from the MUSH when you have been suspended.
  6. Don't engage in illegal activities on the MUSH.
  7. We do not have a grandfathering clause. Players are required to comply with policy updates either at the time or launch, or within a grace period set by staff.
  8. By applying for original characters and settings, you agree that MCM retains the rights to use these characters and settings if you leave the MUSH. This means you can't take your stuff and demand all past RP be retconned, not that we own your characters or settings.

Staff & Staff Interaction Policy

"Staff" refers to the Moderator-slash-GMs that run Multiverse Crisis MUSH. They are the ones who review applications, assign FacHeads, and generally run the game. The Head of Staff is referred to as the HeadWiz. If the MUSH is a gaming table, Staffers are your GMs, and the HeadWiz runs the establishment you're playing in. Here are a few things that are important and useful to know about Staff and how to interact with them:

  1. Staff calls the shots, and sometimes staffers will make calls that are personally bad for you but good for the game overall. Them's the breaks. If you have a problem with a decision Staff made, you're welcome to talk with us about it through +request/feedback or e-mail. Just understand that we have limited time just like you, and sometimes we're going to make decisions we won't accept appeals on.
  2. Staffers are human. Sometimes they WILL lose their temper, and sometimes they WILL make bad judgement calls. It happens. Try not to hold it against them when it does, and again, talk with us through +feedback or e-mail.
  3. Staff may not log every chat with every player, but if officially sanctioned action is taken against a player (such as a quick page to tell them to stop doing something), it is usually communicated to the rest of Staff. If you feel a Staffer is being threatening or shady, SUBMIT A +FEEDBACK OR E-MAIL IMMEDIATELY to let us know. More than once we've heard stories of players being approached by staffers with shady veiled threats that we never heard of until long after those staffers left. PLEASE contact us if you're unsure of the legitimacy of staff action.
  4. Staff is not unbiased, and isn't required to be. If you routinely act like a jerk, you won't be treated like you're well-behaved.
  5. Don't argue with Staff in public. This will get you in trouble, especially if you were actually in the wrong about whatever you're arguing about. If you want to discuss a decision we made, e-mail us or submit a +feedback.
  6. Pertinent to the above, when Staff addresses you with a policy (most often in application contexts, but in any context) you're not aware of, it isn't appropriate to challenge it with, 'I don't see that anywhere.' Knowing the rules is a basic expectation we have of any player, and we cannot hold anyone exempt from them due to failing to read them for any reason. A particular point of policy being burdensome to find is valid feedback, but not a valid defense, excuse, or way to absolve someone from the responsibility of familiarizing themselves with the rules; comply with the policy first, and we will address the matter of visibility/accessibility afterwards if needed. Defending the existence of policy every time somebody doesn't read it is unduly onerous and wastes the time of everybody involved. Arguing with staff about whether or not a rule actually exists always constitutes rules lawyering, because staff are the final arbiters and adjudicators of MUSH policy.
  7. Don't lie to Staff. Again, this will get you into a ton of trouble.

Rating & Acceptable Content

Multiverse Crisis MUSH is an R-Rated MUSH. It is expected that all players are 16 years of age or older.

  1. NC-18: Anyone under the age of 18 on this channel will be removed. Use common sense: If you wouldn't want the FBI to find it on your computer, don't bring it here. This includes hentai that involves minors.
  2. Sexuality: You may encounter limited sexual situations here. Keep to a minimum in public. Tinysex/Cybersex is not allowed, per Disclaimer.
  3. Piracy: Not allowed. Again, if you wouldn't want the FBI to find it, don't talk about it here.
  4. Violence is acceptable and common, up to what you'd see in an R-Rated movie. If you are being too detailed and someone is squicked out, stop, even if you saw it in a SAW movie.
  5. Swearing is acceptable almost anywhere. Keep it to a minimum on Guest channel, though.

Channel Policy

  1. Barring misbehavior you're entitled to Staff-Help, or if you're a Guest, Guest channel. Other channels are a privilege; violations of channel policy or simply being deemed disruptive may result in channel bans.
  2. Forum-Politics and 6-Health are containment channels so controversial IRL stuff and people's potentially gross health problems aren't required reading. Keep all relevant topics strictly to these channels. NC-18 is also a containment channel, only legal adults may join it.
  3. Illegal subjects such as piracy, manga scans, ROM sites, music sites, etc. are forbidden. Don't bring them here.
  4. Chantitles should be short, should not contain the @name of other characters (temporary exceptions apply for IC channels), shouldn't look like STAFF or FACHEAD channel tags, and non-staff/fachead chantitles shouldn't contain ansi/color. Special allowances are made on H-OtherGames for friend codes.

Spoiler Policy

This covers Multiverse Crisis MUSH's spoiler policies: When you can apply for something once it has been released, and when you can talk about something off of our Spoiler channel. Until something has passed its spoiler period, we will not accept applications for it, and all discussion of it should be limited to the spoiler channel.

Media Type Spoiler Period Notes
Instant Consumption Media Variable. Covers web comics/animations. Default is 2 weeks on spoiler channel, 1 day for appability.
Quick Consumption Media 2 weeks after U.S. Release. Covers comic books, movies, etc.
Long Consumption Media 30 days after U.S. Release. Covers books, video games, anything not specifically covered elsewhere.
Oct. 1st-Dec. 25th Releases Appropriate period of time after Dec. 25th Some other major releases may be placed here as well. This is mostly to prevent people's holiday gifts from being spoiled.

Spoiler Policy Notes

  1. Spoiler periods may be adjusted by Staff for special circumstances. This may occur at request of players, usually received by +feedback, but may also occur on our own initiative.
  2. Media that does not receive a U.S. release is treated on a case-by-case basis, but will usually have spoiler periods based on the release of an unofficial english translation. If in doubt, +request/feedback.
  3. Anything released between October 1st and December 25th is considered to be released on December 25th for the purposes of discussion and applicability, with the exception of Instant Consumption Media. This is because things released in this time period often become relegated to Christmas presents.
  4. (TEMPORARY) A spoiler period adjustment is in effect for Game of Thrones. Since we do not allow its application on the MUSH anyway, and most people who are familiar with it of late are being exposed through the TV show, spoiler periods will be based on the TV show until it is caught up with the books. The spoiler periods for The Winds of Winter, and A Dream of Spring will be based on the release of the relevant books.