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This file is meant to delineate acceptable boundaries and practices for power copying Advantages, encompassing basic Power Copy / Mega Manning, Assimilation of a limited selection of another character's abilities, and wholesale Mimicry of another character. All forms of Power Copying are required to be Defining Advantages, and are Standalone Advantages.

Power Copying / Megamanning, shorthanded as Copy1. It involves a limited-scope ability to steal an attack, or some similarly limited scope "something" from your target. You may copy six (6) attacks at a time, and they time out after 90 days OR being used in three (3) scenes, whichever comes sooner. Consent is not required but the target player determines exactly what the copier receives.

Assimilation, shorthanded as Copy2. You get three (3) free-floating bullet points, which may be filled in with Advantages stolen from other players. Consent is required from the target, who may dictate which of their bullets may be stolen and which may not. Copied bullet points timeout after 120 days, but may be upgraded to permanently fill one of your floating bullet points. Additionally:

  • Staff will provide an +info pointer (+info PowerCopy) which is expected to be filled out with each stolen bullet,the identity of who it was stolen from, and a link to the log of the scene in which an advantage was stolen. Copying may not be off-screened.
  • All Advantages obtained by Copy are presumed to be a half-step weaker than those possessed by the originating PC, even if occupying differing slots. Therefore, if the Copier directly contests the originating PC's action with their own advantage, the Copier is presumed to lose the contest by default.
  • Power Copiers must obey Defining / 'Wide' rules with their copied powers. Copy2 is therefore unable to obtain "wide" advantages, and Copy3 is only able to obtain obligate Defining advantages if they have an empty Defining slot to fill it with.

Mimicry, shorthanded as Copy3. This works exactly as Copy2, save for the following differences: It entirely consumes a wide Defining slot, and you may instead fill ALL of your empty advantage slots with stolen advantages. Due to the fact that this fills a slot in of itself, if copying two Defining Advantage slots from another character, a character with Copy3 may downgrade one entire Advantage, with all of its Points intact, to the Significant level, and in doing so, lose an entire Significant Advantage, again with all of its Points. This obviously cannot be done with Advantages that are obligate Defining.

There is a short list of Advantages that may not be copied:

Obviously, Power Copy cannot copy another Power Copy, nor can it copy already copied powers.

No form of Power Copy may be shared with Share Powers, nor may it copy Share Powers itself. It is not possible to copy someone’s Advantages and then hand them out to everyone else around.

Quantum Solution is also not a valid target for copying since it effectively allows any kind of power to be grabbed out of a bag with an infinite selection, breaking the spirit of copying in the first place.

NPCs cannot be copied, partly for reasons of common sense, and partly that a character who merely copied NPCs is not sustaining any kind of meaningful loss or setback if those NPCs are defeated or killed --they’re essentially getting them for free, negating the couching of the Point.

MDA may only be copied with Copy3. This is essentially because the trappings of why a character can take multiple action threads are important to actually doing so, and unless a character is taking the entirety of the character’s kit that justifies it, MDA is basically coming out of thin air.

Immortality is another restricted copy target. Immortality exists on the presumption that the character has a consistent Achilles Heel in his unkillable state (the “Catch”) that can be learned and exploited, and/or could come up naturally in a scene from time to time to raise the stakes. Copying Immortality leads to a situation where it is possible to selectively pick up versions of it in prep for/during scenes where there is zero possibility of the Catch coming into play, and swapping it out with a different kind when the Catch could actually be present. This effectively makes for a form of the Immortality that is objectively superior to one with a single, fixed Catch.

Lastly, Resurrection is not possible to copy. This is mostly due to the extreme potential for this character defining Advantage to sputter and struggle when an exact duplicate is present in the same scene, since by its nature there is typically only one kind of target it is applicable to, and only one thing that can be done. This limitation also exists simply to prevent it from being casually picked up before heading into a scene where a dead character is an important problem, and then ditching it as soon as this very big deal of an Advantage has worked its magic and redirected the plot.

To set up an +info for Power Copy, the following command/template can be used:

+info Copied Powers=- Description of what the copied “thing” does.%rScene ID copied from, expiration date.%r<<Repeat previous for each Point.

+info Copied Powers=- [ansi(hw,POINT NAME:)] Unedited trappings of the copied Point go here.%rScene ID copied from, expiration date.%r<<Repeat previous for each Point.

+info Copied Powers=-[ansi(uhw,FULL NAME OF CHARACTER COPIED FROM:)]%r[ansi(hw,Name of Advantage copied)], Advantage Tier.%rPoint Name 1, Point Name 2, Point Name 3%r%r<<Repeat previous for each Advantage. Names need not be repeated if they are from the same character.