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This file delineates acceptable boundaries and practices for the Advantage of power copying, as-seen in characters like Megaman or Kakashi from Naruto. It also delineates the acceptable boundaries of the reverse, in the form of Contracts that allow the user to give others powers.

  1. All Advantages obtained by Copy are presumed to be a half-step weaker than that of the originating PC. In the case of binary Advantages like Skeleton Catch, this is a full pip weaker than the source advantage. Regardless of which it is, if the copier directly contests the original PC's action with their copied version, the copier will lose by default.
  2. Copied Advantages may not be shared through Share Powers, or Contract.
  3. These Advantages cannot be copied, or shared through Share Powers or Contract: Immortality, NPCs, Quantum Solution, Resurrection, Share Powers, and Split Actions. Immortality and Intrusion Immunity can be granted through Contract.
  4. Players should write an +info pointer (+info PowerCopy or +info Contracts) into their Power Copy and Contract advantages. They are expected to fill these out with the details demanded in the Power Copy or Contract sections of Advantages. Additionally, Contract recipients are expected to make an +info Contracts file that matches the Contract dispensed to them.
  5. Neither Power Copy or Contract can be put into force "off-screen."
  6. No PC or NPC may be held to more than one Contract at a time, unless a second contract is purely punitive.

Power Copy - Derivative

Derivative Power Copy is a limited-scope ability to steal an attack or similar limited-scope "something" from your target. You may target eight (8) items at a time, which go away after being used in four (4) scenes. Consent isn't required, but the target dictates the specific effect the copier receives.

Note that this is not the same as four USES.

Power Copy - Mirror

Mirror Power Copy gives you 9 pips to spend on Advantages copied from other players. Except where otherwise noted, these Advantages are received exactly as written by the copied target. When copying uprated (4-5 pip) Advantages, they cap at 3 pips, both in cost and "what you get". Consent is required from target players, who may dictate entirely what can or cannot be stolen. Copied Advantages expire after being used in three (3) scenes.

Note that this is not the same as three USES.


Contracts are the reverse of Power Copy. A character with Contracts is able to share (Rating) * 3 Pips (capped at 9) worth of Advantages with up to (Rating) targets. This models Faustian bargains, boons and curses, magical geases, and simple commitments of aid. Contracts expire after 3 months.

Contracts can establish terms under which the Contract is validated, and the conferred Advantages are activated, and can establish terms, under which failure to meet them results in a penalty or punishment; usually revocation of conferred Advantages, and subjecting the penalized beneficiary to one or more of the benefactor's advantages as if they were present when the terms were broken. Penalties are commensurate to the Investment in the Contract.

Time-based expiration does not apply to NPCs. A character may have up to 2 Contracts per discrete plot on any number of Plot NPC in those plots, separate from their Contracts on PCs. This number increases to 3 if you have Contract ●●●●●.

Contracted Advantages are not subject to the consent of the beneficiary. They may be withdrawn by the benefactor at any time.