Practice (Homura Akemi)

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Practice (Homura Akemi)
Date of Cutscene: 26 August 2015
Location: Mitakihara Town, Puella Magi Loft
Synopsis: Homura learns sorcery. Kind of.
Cast of Characters: 2

"Pht... Phn... Mglw'n... these aren't words! Or even pronouncable." Homura protests, standing in the middle of her bedroom with a few scraps of paper in one hand. All around her on the floor are assorted symbols and signs, Signs even, and on her bed is a slightly shorter girl, wearing blue robes, purple outlines on her right, yellow on her left, matching her differently colored eyes, her hair long and a shade between green and white.

"Yes they are," the girl quietly replies, flipping the page of her manga, which she holds over her head while being on her back.

"Wagn'nagl is NOT a word!"

"See, you just got that one right." The page flips again, the girl completely distant.

"I-- did. That does not make it a word." Homura frowns, squinting at the paper.

"You're not trying hard enough," the girl shrugs.

"How am I not trying hard enough? You're making me read a language I don't understand. This isn't a spell, this is just... Uln orr'e Cthulhunyth shugg Shoggoth uaaah! Crazy words!"

Behind Homura, a writhing mass of tentacles and eyes emerges from an ominous portal, the girl on the bed casually flipping another page of her manga. The Puella turns to stare, then looks back towards the bed.

"That... was a fluke. Uuh. What do I do now?"

"Intent is more important than the actual words, since your magic is going through me anyway. You wanted something to happen, something did. Just tell it to do things." Pageflip.

It is at this moment the room to Homura's room bursts open, Mami holding a plate of assorted steaks and meat cuts. "Homura, dinner is read--" She stops and stares.

"OUT!" Homura insists. Mami leaves quietly.

"I wanted squid," the girl on the bed distantly says. "Are we out already?"

"You ate all of it. We'll buy more tomorrow. Maybe I should have asked Al Azif or Nero for help before I did you," Homura sighs.