Prepackaged (Anne Blakely)

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Prepackaged (Anne Blakely)
Date of Cutscene: 10 July 2016
Location: Mitakihara
Synopsis: Anne finds an interesting group of girls.
Thanks to: Homura Akemi
Cast of Characters: 983

       A loud hiss releases a jet of steam, quickly fading as the clockwork contraption settles. While large, this one was humanoid... and the clatter of grinding gears and sprockets was a little loud for Anne's taste. A small adjustment cuts off the flow to the hose of the severed arm, and the scarlet-haired witch nods in satisfaction.
       "Impressive," she mutters. "You damaged Frederick more than I expected. If you three had been more experienced, I think you may have stood a chance of actually winning against us."
       Quietly, Rui groans, struggling to sit up. Ai is next to her, unconscious and bleeding... startlingly not too much, despite the head wound. Anne leans over, examining the two. "Interesting... no, no, don't get up. The pain will go away shortly, I'm sure. I just want to look at you..."
       Yet she doesn't examine the wounds at all. Hand spreading and holding out flat, the shimmering egg-like spheres, one bluish-white and the other a dark green, are invisibly plucked from the girls to orbit above the witch's hand. Rui stares uncomprehending, though weakly protests, "No..." Not that she knows the significance of what Anne holds.
       Anne straightens and stares with a vague interest. "Conveniently packaged... I wonder if this might make things easier or harder? I think I will find out... now what is this?"
       Chiruka has caught the attention of the callous witch, and now Anne wanders over to the wheezing girl. Again, the egglike Soul Gem of a girl floats up to join the other two. Yet this one is different. The brilliant topaz color is muted by a growing cloud of darkness, unlike the smaller collections in the other two. This one is creeping farther, slowly, threatening to overwhelm the color of the gem.
       "Yes," Anne murmurs, leaving the three bodies laying there and turning about. "I think I have just the thing for you girls..." Behind her, several skittering little servants surround the bodies of the girls, gathering them up and binding them in thin, silken ropes to carry them after their mistress.