Pride (Elliana Fairchild)

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Pride (Elliana Fairchild)
Date of Cutscene: 03 December 2013
Location: None
Synopsis: Wrathborn questions Elliana's loyalties, leading to an argument.
Cast of Characters: 92
Tinyplot: None

The darkness is a poor companion when drinking alone, Elliana reflects. The night noises had started to build... along with a shrill screech from outside as the mutated Rattata 'played' with something it had caught. Normally, the noises - screech excepted - were comforting, putting her at ease for a while before the nightmares started. Yet tonight...

~Something disturbs you, My Lady?~

The voice is in her head alone, she knows that. Elliana's eyes open to observe the sinous purple snake that glows beside her, circling and staring with that baleful red eye. "Wrathborn. You are faking worry, now?"

The snake mentally chuckles, ~Curiosity, my lovely host. Your experiments grow bolder, and now you have a being that can match the Blooded one on one. Do you intend to build your own army?~

"Hardly," Elliana murmurs, looking away and toward the mantle. "My concerns would not be those which you could understand."

Wrathborn whips about, coiling around to the other side. ~Sacrifice. You have doubts. You try to remain close to those in the Union, while currying favor with the Confederates. Have you not made your choice?~

"Of course I have!" Elliana snaps! "You overstep your bounds. You have my intellect and memories, but no more wisdom, do not pretend otherwise. I liked you better when you were not sapient. Easy to control." She snorts, "I made my choice to do what is necessary. That does not mean I have no... regrets... that it separates me from others. Yet it is /here/ that I can act freely. It is-"

The snake pauses. ~Yesss?~

The priestess narrows eyes. "Why do you bring this up? Where are you going with this?"

Wrathborn coils around his host once more, a mental sigh within Elliana's head before he speaks again. ~I am stuck inside you, and do not wish to see you stuck. You must let go of your attachments more, or your advancement will be limited. Do you think you can manipulate the entire Confederacy?~

"The Confederacy is well aware of my own thoughts and desires, and also aware of my loyalties," Elliana points out. "Though you bring up a good point. Perhaps I should make that clearer... for your sake and theirs."

~And what of those that still wish to draw you back? What of the one whose life you have torn away?~

It is the last statement which halts Elliana in her tracks, eyes closing. "Mn." That is a touchy subject, and even Wrathborn wonders if he went too far. Yet this time, Elliana cedes the point. "Sacrifices must be made. Though I try to have them be mine alone... what others choose to do in order to stop me is not a thing which I have control over, is it? I shall have to make... plans, then. To ensure that it goes no further. This could take time."

That gives Wrathborn pause, the snake drawing up with a narrowing of his single eye. ~Your position is far more precarious now than it was then. Do you believe that you could do such a thing? Do you think you can neutralize one of the most powerful men in the Multiverse?~

In answer, a mental leash snaps around the snake and yanks him further inside, hiding the blazing evil energy away where it will cause fewer problems. Elliana does provide an answer, though. A simple, smiling reply. "Who do you think you are talking to, my dear Shajem?"