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Priscilla (Scenesys ID: 70)
"Why dost thee hurry towards thine death?"
Full Name: Priscilla
Gender: Female
Species: Crossbreed
Theme: (FC) Dark Souls-1
Function: Life Hunter
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Union (A-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: 24 Actual Age: Roughly a thousand
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Clare Corbett
Height: 16' full size, 6'6" mortal guise Weight: 2300lbs full size, 160lbs mortal guise
Hair Color: Silver Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:


Priscilla, the ill-fated half-blood, is the bastard child of the line of the sun god, and the everlasting dragons; enemies since the dawn of time itself. The elements of her irreconcilable dual lineage, attempting to combine life and growth with stillness and entropy, gave her no divine powers, but an entirely unique ability instead. Known only as the Lifehunt, Priscilla's power is the antithesis to all that lives, capable of slaying mortals and divinity alike, and stealing their souls. For this the gods feared her, reviled her, and finally cast her away; sealing her within an occultic painting to preserve their rule. Having passed centuries in isolation Priscilla is a lonely and melancholy figure, defined by centuries of neglect and abandonment, and only at ease within her own cold and desolate little world. Though she may seem strange and distant, it cannot be questioned that she has finally formed lasting bonds with the people of the Multiverse, being the first to ever accept her.








Damaged Goods: Though years in the multiverse have done much to heal the mental scars Priscilla has developed from abandonment and centuries of isolation, those past experiences have severely damaged Priscilla's capacity to trust people. Self conscious as a sin against nature and having been disowned, Priscilla's issues in dealing with people are easily picked up on. She rarely ever enters a room with unknown people in a visible state, has a propensity for behaviour some might call antisocial or even stalking, is exceptionally mistrustful and guarded around those she doesn't like, and often fails with varying degrees of spectacle at normal social interactions. Because of the fact that she desires attention while simultaneously assuming the worst of intentions towards her, she can come off as a little bit deranged in prolonged conversation, which is something she generally avoids face to face.

Abomination: Anyone can tell that there is something subtly "off" about Priscilla at first meeting. Her powers exude an unsettling aura that that speaks to a deep, implacable feeling of primeval fear, usually guaranteed to get people on edge. The grass withers where she lingers too long, insects die, animals turn tail, and those right on death's door may find themselves passing early. Her surroundings slowly grow cold and desolate if she lingers somewhere for a significant period of time, making her averse to staying anywhere other than the painting of Ariamis for long. Even worse, many weapons or spells with holy or sanctified attributes are bizarrely effective against her. It's generally a bad idea for her to even be around things that involve trying to grow or recover, never mind attempt doing them herself.

Handle With Care: Due to her prolonged stay in a completely isolated world sterilized by her deathly aura, Priscilla has something of a fragile constitution. She is overly sensitive to most forms of medicine, whilst mundane and magical toxins wreak havoc on her system. Repeated use of her breath weapon is greatly straining on her body, and she grows exhausted quickly during prolonged fighting. Despite being difficult to injure, one could go so far as to calling her sickly or frail.

  • Scar of the World-Slayer: A mark laid on all of those who participated in the Union's campaign to kill the Confederate Emperor, Viridian Sunrise, in the year A.U. 20. Though successful, the campaign resulted in the destruction of his inner universe and the countless beings within it. The mark takes the form of a sun-shaped birthmark on the bodies of each of those who were present that day. Though not necessarily readily visible, it cannot be removed even if the individual should be obliterated and regenerated from component materials. It imposes upon the bearer a complete knowledge of every entity who died in the Union's crusade, from enemy soldiers down to newborn babes. Those who bear this mark will remember them always, from their names, to their faces, to their lives up to their deaths. This does not provide an opportunity to learn the skills of the deceased, though it does give the bearer an insight into the world and universe of Annu.


Title Date Scene Summary
The Works Lost to the Cold and Dark December 4th, 2019 The Concord, lead by Priscilla, come to exact both revenge and their pound of flesh from both the Nameless Servant and the Watch in general
FateParadox: Burning Saber December 15th, 2018 Saber tries out the device made by the Concord. Ruler takes issue
To See the Path October 29th, 2018 Nie Li holds a cultivation examination in the Shrine to discern the natures of his fellow Concord members.
Undone - The Mancers Dilemma July 22nd, 2018 It all becomes done.
ICoT - The Mancers Dilemma July 21st, 2018 It all comes to a head.
FateParadox - Duel July 19th, 2018 Saber Gwyn and Archer Shogo Arisu fight in a courtyard while several curious Elites try to track down their Masters, and chaos ensues.
FateParadox: New Beginnings May 26th, 2018 The new Grail War begins with a battle on a big bridge
Prospektor's Revolt-Finale May 2nd, 2018 Pending
ICoT: Reunion April 28th, 2018 Everyone gathers to plan their next step, with local law enforcement dropping by.
Prospektor's Revolt-7 April 21st, 2018 Pending
Dark Lady: Hunt 2 April 13th, 2018 Pending
Prospektor's Revolt-1 January 4th, 2018 Pending. Submitting logs because nobody has been.
ICoT: The Tazal Terminals December 27th, 2017 The final battle between the Bastion and the Ura.
Chains and Blood (Finale) November 20th, 2017 Choices are made. Monsters are slain. And fates are woven tightly together, as the Second Marble Guardian appears.
When The Gutters Bleed November 17th, 2017 Elites challenge their second Mausoleum, and the Marble Guardian within.
Exploration: Chopping Grounds (3) November 13th, 2017 More mysteries of Lumiere are revealed, providing as many questions as answers.
WANTED: Wormfeast (2) November 10th, 2017 The monstrous Wormfeast returns for a final showdown.
Exploration: Chopping Grounds (2) November 9th, 2017 Choices are made during a further exploration of the Chopping Grounds.
WANTED: Executor 13 (2) November 3rd, 2017 Boss fight time. Executor 13 faces a crowd of powerful Elites in a chamber full of custom-made torture equipment.
WANTED: Executor 13 November 2nd, 2017 A monster that worked for the Crimson King must be put to rest, or so the bounty filed at City Limits says. Elites take up the task.
The Bloody Throne October 31st, 2017 Another Halloween passes uneventfully in Lumiere.
Exploration: Chopping Grounds (1) October 27th, 2017 Priscilla and Finna have a super team-up of ultra friendship to investigate the underground horrors of Barrowville.
Joint Training October 18th, 2017 A fight breaks out to test the newly opened Shrine of Adversity
Layers October 13th, 2017 Carna has been tracked down to a place tied to the myth of Atlantis... In an area once sealed off by an ugly black mold and deep, black waters.
Hands September 29th, 2017 Elites come across a most worrisome clock.
Nine Of Crows September 29th, 2017 In an underground tunnel, fakes battle the real thing, with lives hanging in the balance.
In The Closing Act, Everyone Wants The Same Thing For Different Reasons September 27th, 2017 The execution date for the old monarchy of Chapter and the traitors in the new government arrives. Loyalists, assisted by the Starlight Bandits, play their last card.
Depths August 23rd, 2017 After escaping a horde of Unlit, the explorers find themselves in worse shape. But at least they gain reinforcements.
Names August 22nd, 2017 The underworld train reclaimed previously has been cleaned up and made usable. Time to see where it leads.
Unraveling August 1st, 2017 On the eve of the Urca hunt, a member of the Walrus crew comes forward with some troubling information.
Loyalists, True to their Name, Profess Much Loyalty to Each Over, Even in the Face of Harsh Consequence July 9th, 2017 The Concord get a lead on the loyalists and descend into the Opera Bibliotheca with the intent to kill them. But what they discover makes them stay their hand, for now.
The Land of 77 Rings July 4th, 2017 A small group descends upon the isolated town of Windknight's Lot in search of the missing Jonathan Joestar.
Those Who Fought For Freedom And Those Who Fight For Themselves Come To An Accord June 30th, 2017 The Concord strikes a deal with the rebel rulers of Chapter; the heads of the loyalist movement in exchange for the Opera Bibliotheca.
A Forge Left Cold April 7th, 2017 An attempt to explore Umberdark Tunnels further deposits everyone at a very different place instead.
TRUE PSYCHIC TALES: Heart Attack February 12th, 2017 Flamel gathers a task team to eliminate the Heart Render.
When The Sun Goes Out January 13th, 2017 The first Marble Guardian awaits in a dungeon beneath the headquarters of the Stone Devils.
Foodbringer: For Sustenance January 7th, 2017 First scene in the Foodbringer miniplot. In the city of Everria, a masked man has been giving away free food to the masses, to the ire of the government. The Paladins investigate the scene of the crime, but a Concord spy decides to make things more interesting.
ICoT: The Welcoming Committee December 28th, 2016 The Kid leads everyone on the final Core hunt, which goes without a hitch. But what happens when they return to the Bastion is far more concerning.
The Nature of Darkness December 23rd, 2016 After the Multiversal reordering, the fall of the Super Factions, and many other changes, a return to Lumiere occurs to decide what to do about the Stone Devils.
Schism of the Waning Moon November 11th, 2016 In the wake of Gwyndolin's death, and that of the lovelorn Lady Darkling, the diehard Darkmoon Blades splinter in a faction concerned with only one thing: revenge against the Multiverse that has taken everything from them.
Contract of the Gods' Forge - Titanite November 9th, 2016 Pursuant of the legendary titanite slabs, opening the vault gets the would-be retrieval team more than they bargained for.
Hallowed Estate October 31st, 2016 A vision of the past is brought to the present, and Elite party-goers use this opportunity to learn more about the Lumiere of the past.
Contract of the God's Forge - Divine October 28th, 2016 The entire Catacombs are aggro'd at once. Heroes discover the final smith in the trio. His focus is spoiled.
Contract of the Gods' Forge - Crystal October 16th, 2016 The darkest depths of Seath's basement are explored. The living failures are found, as is the shiny shiny.
Building A Better Deathtrap October 15th, 2016 Attempts to build a community for the civilian Lanterns in Lumiere run face first into an obstacle known as the Stone Devils.
Winterfield's Secret October 13th, 2016 The true investigation into the origins of Anne Blakely begins in a sleepy, snowy little town, in the aftermath of a horror movie.
Stone Devils Cometh October 12th, 2016 Temporal shenanigans involve a subway that recursively repeats temporal shenanigans that involve a subway that recursively repeats temporal shenanigans that involve a subway that recursively repeats temporal shenanigans that...
Contact: Hookcloaks (1) October 5th, 2016 Oh my god what the hell is this horrific [spoiler]
Contract of the God's Forge September 25th, 2016 Andre and the Giant Smith meet. The hunt for weapon upgrades begins.
The Way of the Everlasting Dragon September 14th, 2016 The mendicant warrior-ascetics of the cult of the Everlasting Dragons show up on Anor Londo's doorstep. A disaster is narrowly averted when a dragon-ish idol shows up to demand a stage performance instead.
Exploration: Guillotine Square (1) September 11th, 2016 The sewer level. It is awful. Also, mysterious Lanterns try to kidnap the :D.
tFSoK-The Wolf's Trail-2 September 4th, 2016 The curse is broken. The quad scaling greatsword of legend returns.
Chase of Last Century August 30th, 2016 One of Anne Blakely's old inventions goes on a rampage. Staren says the A word in front of Fate.
tFSoK-The Hawk's Eyes-2 August 29th, 2016 Gough finally gets to use his eyes for the first time in centuries.
tFSoK-The Lion's Pride-2 August 26th, 2016 Sinh the slumbering dragon is engaged and slain. Ornstein is pleased.
Exploration: Pristine Plagueway August 19th, 2016 The Wall of Cruel Customs falls, explorers proceed, they meet :D on the way.
tFSoK - The Wolf's Trail August 9th, 2016 Curse experts examine a legendary sword.
tFSoK - The Lion's Pride-1 August 8th, 2016 Would-be dragonslayers explore the depths of the Shulva chasm.
tFSoK - The Hawk's Eyes August 2nd, 2016 Gough has his first medical checkup ever.
tFSoK - The Hornet's Sting July 30th, 2016 TARGET DESTROYED
Spear Sleepover July 15th, 2016 Priscilla then gets to know Svala a little.
The Four Symbols of Knighthood - 1 July 7th, 2016 The quartet of sidequests begins, courtesy of the famous Knights of Gwyn.
You were indicted July 6th, 2016 Priscilla meets Svala for the first time.
4th of July Cookout July 4th, 2016 Bostong-666's traditional yearly 4th of July BBQ, done by Heaven or Hell.
A Matter of Spirit July 4th, 2016 Karal wants training in cutting spirits
Unlit Boss (1) June 25th, 2016 The time has come to confront a powerful Unlit that terrorizes the Urban Decay.
Elimination: Urban Decay (3) June 18th, 2016 Efforts to remove the Unlit from the Urban Decay meet with continued success... And the access point for at least some of them is likewise located.
Exploration: Grand Gallery (1) June 14th, 2016 An attempt to put an end to mimics creating mimics results in an encounter that no one expected.
The Library of Murdered Knowledge June 11th, 2016 A tower supposedly containing the sum total of all human knowledge is being explored. The explorers are not alone.
Dirge at Sunrise June 3rd, 2016 Goodnight moon.

This log is really unclean and will likely remain so. Sorry about that!

Contact: Escher (2) May 24th, 2016 Some matters are clarified by speaking to a survivor among the Lit within Escher.
Contact: Escher May 17th, 2016 Further exploration of the tower of Escher turns out to be confusing and hazardous.
Exploration: Escher May 7th, 2016 Exploration of a gore-soaked tower leads to an even more unpleasant discovery than might have been expected.
Exploration: Urban Decay (1) April 27th, 2016 Exploration of the area immediately outside the Church of Bleak Mercy, known as the Urban Decay.
First Rays of the Prodigal Dawn April 22nd, 2016 At long last, Gwynevere returns home.
Welcome To Barrowville April 17th, 2016 The first encounter with a world of Death, known as Lumiere.
ICoT: From Wharf to Wilds April 4th, 2016 "Well... no point in explaining what happens next, right?"
Penumbra of the Old Dark March 29th, 2016 Upon his death, the core essence of Manus, the Primordial Man, has split off into several pieces and gone its separate ways, and with it, so has the Abyss shattered. It is one of these remaining pockets, over the ruins of old Oolacile, that Elites investigate.
Dungeon Training: Elite Course January 21st, 2016 Union Elites are looking to undertake some extra training. Solaire is looking for people to test the newly revamped Sen's Fortress. Fun happens.
Eridine January 3rd, 2016 An initial exploration of the nearest city in Omelas.
The Scouring of the Valley December 28th, 2015 A motley group of adventurers from across the Multiverse have assembled in Lordran in order to engage in psychopathi- RIGHTEOUS, I MEAN RIGHTEOUS murder for the benefit of all living beings. Because drakes suck. Oh right, we might be building a sewer system for Blight Town too or something whatever, kill more drakes.
Battle of The God(desse)s December 22nd, 2015 Nero is being her noisy, arrogant self on the radio. The newbie Momoyo gets tired of it and offers to be her court jester... whose only role is to punch Nero whenever she says something stupid. Momoyo's motivations for challenging a Servant are laughably trivial...
Scars of a Plague Before Undeath - 2 December 21st, 2015 Continued efforts to clean the area around Blighttown.
Kawakami City Unification December 17th, 2015 The Union shows up to engage in diplomacy with a new world. Fightgotiations ensue.
To Castle Gamelon December 13th, 2015 The Union heads to save Zelda from her uncle, while the Confederacy aid in the revival of Ganon.
Siege on Hyrule Castle December 12th, 2015 The Union lays siege on Hyrule Castle, while the Confederacy turns on Agahnim.
The Fourth One December 4th, 2015 An initial examination of The Book of Unification.
The Master Sword November 22nd, 2015 Fassad and a group of allies head to the Master Sword, only for Fassad to fail to pull it.
Scars of a Plague Before Undeath November 17th, 2015 Assorted post-TP investigations.
A Little Get-Together November 14th, 2015 Brunch is held at the Bastion, questions are asked and plans are made.
Dawning of the Ashen Sun November 10th, 2015 The sun dawns over Lordran once more, illuminating a new Anor Londo, a new ruler, and those that have come back from the brink.
Visiting Zora's Domain November 7th, 2015 The heroes questing against the Twilight finally manage to speak to the Queen of the Zora.
HALLOWEEN 2015 October 31st, 2015  ????
She Who Would Inherit the Fire of Our World October 18th, 2015 The seekers of adversity have overcome their final challenge and gather one last time to peer through the mists of time, in order to rectify the mistakes of those who came before, and create a future from their last, desperate efforts.
He Who Would Bring Ruin to the Heavens - Finale October 11th, 2015 What was begun millenia ago finally comes full circle, as even in absence of the Lord Gwyn, his greatest nemesis, save the Dark itself, is finally slain.
Meeting Duke Onkled October 3rd, 2015 The Union meets with the Duke of Gamelon to decide if Zelda should go with him.
To Lon Lon Ranch September 26th, 2015 A trip to Lon Lon Ranch leads the heroes to the second Tear of Light, and a battle with Bulbins.
He Who Would Bring Ruin to the Heavens - 1.5 September 24th, 2015 Routed with ease on their first encounter, those who would stand opposed to Kalameet prepare themselves for a second, and last stand against Lordran's annihilation.
White Room Pianissimo September 23rd, 2015 Tea, melody, and old friends.
He Who Would Bring Ruin to the Heavens September 13th, 2015 The merciless winged death awakens as foretold, but plans of action are preempted.
He Who Departed to Link the Flames - Part 2 August 28th, 2015 The end that everyone expected is far from the truth, as they meet face to face with the Great Lord Gwyn, but the work is done regardless.
He Who Departed to Link the Flames - Part 1 August 17th, 2015 The way to the Kiln of the First Flame opens. Expectations fall wide.
He Who Waits Within the Crushing Dark June 1st, 2015 Venturing into the very heart of the Abyss, those daring enough to try come face to face with the nature of the Dark, and what it means to be Man.
He Who Would Find His Very Own Sun May 17th, 2015 Chasing down the scrolls of the fire arts left by the Witch of Izalith, Priscilla encounters Solaire at a most unlikely place.
He Who Predates the Nature of the Soul May 10th, 2015 Desperately pressed for some form of objective, untwisted judgement, people seek the counsel of the Everlasting Dragon. Priscilla finds a piece of her race.
He Who Gave Us The First Death May 1st, 2015 The party returns to the above of the Gravelord for answers, only to find him in the middle of a grand plan for the future.
Darkroot Interlude April 18th, 2015 Nathan and Mizuki search the depths of Darkroot Garden for anything that will help, and find something each of their own.
Battle Plans Drawn in Souls April 15th, 2015 Confronted by a sprawling tangle of fact, fiction, truth and lies with no means to tell one from the other, the only way out seems to be straight through the middle.
The Truth Only Dark Can Reveal April 5th, 2015 The Four Kings are defeated, but the Darkstalker Kaathe reveals an unfortunate truth.
CatP - The Garden April 4th, 2015 Consequences are rendered visible.

The story draws to a close.

CatP - Finale II April 3rd, 2015 Hickory dickory dock,

The mouse ran up the clock. The clock struck one, The mouse ran down, Hickory dickory dock.

CatP - Finale I April 2nd, 2015 The denizens of the catacombs make their last stand.
CatP - Discolor March 28th, 2015 The 'easiest' number is recovered from the Candy Sea.
Boston-666 Barbeque March 18th, 2015 Goaded by Kongou, Psyber hosts a barbecue and everyone's invited!
An Occult Offering March 15th, 2015 Eryl recieves his Christmas gift from Priscilla at long last.
The Shadows Cast By Flame March 9th, 2015 A test run of anti-Abyss measures encounters the final missing adventurer, and his piece of the truth.
CatP - The Past February 27th, 2015 A group of people take a trip into Mizuki's past.


Eulogy of the Abysswalker February 24th, 2015 The sojourners to Priscilla's world encounter Sif in their hunt for a method of traversing the Abyss.
CatP - The Future February 8th, 2015 Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run,

there's still time to change the road you're on.

Those Sacrificed by the Sealer January 29th, 2015 Priscilla's group ventures down into the ruins of New Londo, both learning and confronting the reason it was sealed long ago.
CatP - Heaven January 18th, 2015 To die, to sleep,

To sleep, perchance to Dream; Aye, there's the rub, For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come, When we have shuffled off this mortal coil, Must give us pause.

The Fatal Flaws of Fire January 13th, 2015 The third Lordsoul must be retrieved from the ruins of Lost Izalith. Past kindness is repaid, but Oscar's party is wearing thin.
The Realm in Death's Absence December 31st, 2014 To retrieve the second Lordsoul, Priscilla, Oscar and co. venture into the depths of the Tomb of the Giants to speak to the Gravelord himself.
CatP - Polarization December 23rd, 2014 A mission to steal a number from a city in the sky.

Mortal Frisbee ensues.

Last Days of the Dark Sun December 16th, 2014 The Union can tolerate Gwyndolin no more. Its intrepid members stage a brave assault on his inner sanctum to quell the threat once and for all.
The Black Fox vs The White Dragon December 13th, 2014 Priscilla fights Kagenashi over Phase Rock
The Title Passes On December 2nd, 2014 Everyone checks out the duke's archives, then blue-boys attack.
CatP - Reverberance November 22nd, 2014 You may through forbidding province tread,

but by dreamer's hands be softly lead.

Perfection in Immortal Crystal November 21st, 2014 Priscilla and her phantom co. face off against Duke Seath.
The Grandfather of All Magic November 13th, 2014 All fragments of the original Lordsouls are required to succeed Gwyn, but Priscilla makes it her personal mission to claim Seath's first.
Land of the Ancient Lords November 3rd, 2014 Priscilla's search for the absent gods of Lordran takes her to the depths of Ash Lake, where she instead finds a survivor of the Age of Ancients; a living everlasting dragon.
Halloween 2014 October 31st, 2014 Once again, nothing happens in Boston worth noting.
NODE: Isle of Tales - First Look October 28th, 2014 Mizuki, Kimiko, Staren, Homura, Priscilla, and their Abstractum become the first visitors to the Isle of Tales.
A Water Spirit's Fortune Telling - 3 October 22nd, 2014 Ayako is in the mood for fortune telling once more!
CatP - Azure Reverie October 18th, 2014 The group moves to recover the number eleven.

Things get pretty complicated.

CatP - The Skyward Mirror October 9th, 2014 Adventures at the bottom of the ocean, and a not so chance meeting with a Sheep.

When we come back: a confrontation with an artist. Er, well, -THE- Artist. You get the idea.

The Lineage of the Sun Gods September 17th, 2014 Though knight Oscar of Astora was crowned the Chosen amongst the undead, the union as a whole has managed the one hundred collective victories required to claim passage from the Battle of Stoicism by skill, moxie, brute strength, and good old fashioned cheating via offworld technology and magic. After The Legend, Father of Giants, bequeathed the sun god's seal, allowing them access into the mythical city of the gods, Anor Londo, the Union now makes its triumphant debut into the ancient metropolis to see through the retrieval of the Lordvessel and the inauguration of the new divine king.
   Things are never that simple.
The Battle of Stoicism September 9th, 2014 Though Sen's Fortress lies conquered, the Union have allowed Oscar to be (perhaps rightfully) the Chosen in place of one of their own; a choice which will most definitely bring benefits and consequences yet unforseen. As the Union's last hope of entering Anor Londo, their champions must compete in the tournament of the ancient gods: The Battle of Stoicism. Her, phantom fights phantom to the death over and over again until a victor emerges, being granted honorary passage to the city of the gods for their skill at arms. Remember to bow!
Mizuki Meets Ariamis September 3rd, 2014 After a show of celestial fireworks in Mizuki's backyard, Priscilla sees fit to invite the little author to her home, the Painted World of Ariamis.

Monologues ensue.

Fortress of the Ancient Gods September 3rd, 2014 A suicidally brave team of Elites tackle the hallowed grounds of Sen's Fortress, only to find Oscar and his companions have gotten there first.
Stargazing and Social August 31st, 2014 Mizuki invites a few people over to demonstrate her unique take on 'stargazing'.
Opened Ways Part 2 August 27th, 2014 The continuation to Both of the Opened Ways.
Both of the Opened Ways August 16th, 2014 The party returns to Blighttown, making payment owed to Quelaag of Izalith for use of the bell. And learning the reasons as to why she needs Humanity.
Advent of the Kingseeker August 12th, 2014 Having rung both Bells of Awakening, Kingseeker Frampt awakens from his slumber to elucidate the fate of the undead.
A Frosty Welcome to Lordran August 10th, 2014 Serori explores Lordran, and runs into Priscilla, who explains the dire threat facing her world.
The Blight That Man Left Behind August 5th, 2014 The final Bell of Awakening is within reach. After an extraordinarily dangerous foray into the underground waterways of the Undead Burg, the Union has come upon the last belltower deep into the mire that lies at its outlet. Reportedly, this place was once a settlement for the unwanted and outcast who could find no place in the city above, but was ravaged to the last man by a deadly plague. Something is down there however, and it must be a lot more dangerous than just more Hollows.
Growl From The Depths Of The Earth July 22nd, 2014 Priscilla asks for help exploring the deeper levels of the Burg, seeking one of the Bells.
The Nature Of The Soul July 16th, 2014 Priscilla invites her allies to the newly lit Firelink Shrine to discuss future plans and catch people up.
Pilgrimage Through the Mad City July 2nd, 2014 Several members of the Union escort a young woman and her bodyguards through Undead Burg, but it does not go as planned.
The Wall of Dregs November 21st, 2007 {{{Synopsis}}}


Title Date Scene Summary
The Invisible Elite (Priscilla) October 15th, 2017 The events following the kindling of the First Flame have lead her to this moment. To them.
White Duel of Judgement (Priscilla) June 12th, 2017 Priscilla initiates a duel of honour with Allfather Lloyd. Being hands-off was the wrong approach. Anor Londo must know her strength, and that of the Multiverse.
Proof of a Concord Kept (Priscilla) December 10th, 2016 The collapse of the old powers gives rise to those suited to take back the Multiverse.
Light of the Prodigal Dawn (Priscilla) June 4th, 2016 Someone who Priscilla thought she would never see again, finally comes home.
Lordran: Comprehensive Final Report (Priscilla) October 20th, 2015 The final state of the Dark Souls TP, as related by Priscilla.