Questions (Elliana Fairchild)

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Questions (Elliana Fairchild)
Date of Cutscene: 08 July 2013
Location: None
Synopsis: Healing after the battle for Baron, Elliana discusses subtlety and motivation with Wrathborn.
Cast of Characters: Duet Fortuna
Tinyplot: None

Pain. It hurts.

Elliana leans back in the chair as she suppresses the pain lancing through her body, the infernal power of the Shajem knitting bone and flesh together once more. It was an uncomfortable process, far less quick and soothing than the power of the Amethyne. Such is the price of her power now.

~You did not win.~

Sigh. Elliana scowls as she hears that inner thought from her passenger. Being able to communicate with the Shajem without fear of it taking over is often convenient. Right now, it is annoying.

~I did not lose, either.~ She lays her head back. ~We could have fought to the end, but why bother? If I had beaten Sir Ketchum, the kingdom would have still been full of rebellious sorts, and the strain of keeping it would have been awful.~

~Are these excuses I hear? Did you throw the fight?~

~Of course not.~ Elliana scowls to herself. ~We, as a group, lost. I am curious how the battle between Sir Ketchum and myself would have ended, but fighting for fighting's sake does not appeal to me. It would have been nice to remain royalty of Baron, but at least this way the people will be content.~

She feels a pause, confusion from the entity within her, then the expected question. ~Why does that matter?~

The girl closes her eyes. ~It may surprise you, Wrathborn, but I do not wish to harm people without due cause. I wish those people well, for the war was not their fault. Sir Harvey will likely find a worthy ruler who will treat them properly. I do not always agree with the methods used by the Confederacy, you realize. I am here because I am willing to do things the Union will not to achieve my better world. Needless death and destruction, misery without a purpose? That does nothing for me.~

~Then why help them at all? What is your goal?~ Elliana is silent for a long while, feeling her flesh knit together. Eyes open once more, looking at the metallic, futuristic appearance of the room in the Tower where she sits.

~There is something deeper here, Wrathborn. Something I am missing. I do not like such gaps. I will find it.~

The entity within her stirs again, confusion once more evident. ~And the Hall being? What of his fate? You saw how he appeared this time. What of those beings in the Union?~

This time, a faint smile creeps across Elliana's lips. ~I dislike how the Union thinks, at least many of them. The ones who use their minds, who consider all aspects... those, however, are a challenge. You enjoy causing terror to sleepers, Wrathborn. You enjoy devastation and destruction. I do not. But what I do enjoy...?~

~Is this flirting?~

Snort. ~No, Wrathborn. This is a challenge.~