Realization (Yuna Kagurazaka)

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Realization (Yuna Kagurazaka)
Date of Cutscene: 18 October 2014
Location: Fraulein Sector: Planet Ruliezes
Synopsis: Yuna's training with Ryudia finally brings her to an understanding of what Ryudia's been trying to teach her.
Cast of Characters: 385

Ryudia's lessons generally don't feel like lessons.

To be sure, there are a number of lectures involved in Yuna's training on Ruliezes. Learning about Galactic history can't really be done any other way, but the young queen handles the historical background as well as she can while making it digestible for Yuna. Lessons in the ancient Galactic language are a little bit more free-form, and it's only when Yuna is trying to puzzle through one of the books Ryudia brought that Elner joins them to help Yuna piece together the text and learn how to pronounce the words correctly.

But far more of Yuna's training takes the form of simple interaction between student and teacher - conversations, walks, even occasional dances. Ryudia always maintains a precise balance between familiarity and formality, not letting Yuna feel excessively comfortable but never driving her away with her coldness. And one day, weeks after Ryudia's words in the hot spring about pride, Yuna comes to a halt as the two of them are walking around the clearing.

"Yuna?" Ryudia turns to look at the blonde girl, a slight frown appearing on her face.

"I'm sorry," Yuna says with a faint smile and a bow of her head. "Give me a moment; I was thinking about some of the things you've said."

Ryudia inclines her head briefly, her face going neutral as Yuna closes her eyes to think. Learning to speak properly, learning to hold herself correctly ...

"You're on the wrong track. Pride is not your goal. Pride is neither the means to an end, nor an end to be pursued for its own sake."

Yuna takes a breath, opening her eyes and looking at Ryudia. "It's not about being someone now that I can be proud of later, is it? But being a 'proper young lady' is about living and acting in such a way that I won't be ashamed to look back on it - that I won't have reason to regret anything I've done.

Ryudia's face relaxes into a smile. "Correct. And everything I've been teaching you about your behavior, inwards and outwards, has been to help polish that. You don't have to maintain the habits you've been learning - but my belief is that they'll help."

"They really will," Yuna nods. "So ... I guess we keep going?"

"As it happens ... no. Not immediately. Remember that we had a time limit - there are ceremonies I must perform for my people." Ryudia turns to head back towards the ancient building at the center of the clearing, motioning for Yuna to follow. "I need to leave, and you should take your leave of this place for a short time as well. There is 'homework' I must assign, though ... do you recall how I said to Elner that I can't teach you everything you need to learn?"

Yuna nods as she follows Ryudia. "Yeah - I mean, yes, I remember that. You wanted Elner to look for teachers for me, right?"

"Your assignment is to begin looking into those teachers," says Ryudia, "and find who is best-suited and best-able to teach you. I'd like you to tell me about them when we next meet."

"Okay," agrees Yuna. "When and where should we meet again ... ? Back here?"

Ryudia nods to Yuna, then removes a pair of metal cases from where they were hidden, handing one to Yuna before opening the other to reveal a set of her royal robes. "We'll meet here again, in ... let's say, a week. Contact me if you aren't able to return, for any reason."

Yuna opens her case and begins changing back into the civilian clothes she'd worn before arriving at the place of training. "All right. - What if I can't find the teachers I need?"

Ryudia smiles wryly, "I'll be slightly disappointed. There's no grade on this - but it is something you need to do, something that you must do. For your own sake, more than anyone else's."

"I'll do my best, then," Yuna says with a nod.