Recovery (Yuna Kagurazaka)

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Recovery (Yuna Kagurazaka)
Date of Cutscene: 16 May 2016
Location: Shiraokadai General Hospital, Fraulein Earth
Synopsis: Yuna's injuries from the final battle of Operation Rei-Go are healing, slowly but surely.
Cast of Characters: 385

"Nngh - !"

The doctor glances up briefly at the sound of his patient's wincing. "Are you quite sure it doesn't hurt, Ms. Kagurazaka?"

Yuna grimaces. "It's not painful, so much. It doesn't -" She winces again, trying to hold her foot still. "- doesn't feel comfortable either, though. - Gah ..."

"You're still a very fortunate young lady," says the doctor, waiting for the tension in Yuna's leg and foot to subside before he goes back to work. "How you kept this wound clean when it happened is a mystery to me, but the fact that it was kept so sterile means you might not even have a scar when all's said and done."

Yuna winces once again, looking away from the doctor - partly so she doesn't have to think about the way he's cleaning out the inside of a puncture wound on the sole of her right foot. "I ... had help, I guess you could say." 'Help' in this case meaning as much the Light Suit itself as the support of Elner, her partners, and the Hikari Seaport personnel who made sure Yuna got back from the fight safely. Waking up in the hospital in Shiraokadai had been a surprise, though.

"Well, be very kind to those who helped you," the doctor says, cutting off Yuna's train of thought. "You'll need to stay off this foot for a while longer, but it's healing quickly, and somehow the bones in your foot weren't damaged when that - you said it was an icicle?" he asks as he starts applying ointment around the wound, then begins bandaging it back up.

"Weaponized icicle, really," answers Yuna; she winces again, but it's at an all-too-vivid memory of the fight rather than any sensations from her foot. The ointment has a soothing effect, not just numbing away the pain but leaving a faint warmth in the skin and muscle that it seeps into - probably helping the healing process, she thinks, but she hasn't had a chance to ask. "'A while longer'? How many days?"

The doctor hrms thoughtfully as he finishes wrapping Yuna's foot in bandages. "I would say another week. It might not take that long," he adds before Yuna can protest. "You're healing remarkably quickly, but we'll have to see. And if you want it to heal without scarring, I do mean staying off this foot entirely. We can get a wheelchair or hoverchair for you, if need be?"

"I'll think about it," Yuna says quietly. "I'm going to have so much to make up for as it is ... training, rehearsals ..."

The doctor smiles faintly, straightening his glasses. "Well, there's nothing to stop you from getting visitors, or reading or writing, while you're laid up. You don't actually have to stay in the hospital, either, although it may be a good idea."

Yuna nods, then says, "Thank you, Doctor," as she musters as bright a smile as she can. It's still mostly an honest, heartfelt smile, even if she has to strain just a little for it.