Report: Lucrelia (2) (Gudako Ordria)

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Report: Lucrelia (2) (Gudako Ordria)
Date of Cutscene: 04 December 2015
Location: -
Synopsis: Archived report.
Cast of Characters: 908

Written by Caster, old Japanese dialect etc. etc.!

"Yesterday my master was invited back to the city-state of Lucrelia, which we defended from a creature known as an Incarnation a week back. Also present were:" Descriptions of Lyner Barsett, Archer, Deelel, Misha and Riva Banari are included.

"We arrived to find the city tense and generally unwelcoming towards outsiders, but the guard captain, Laurence, managed to let us through. We sat down for a meal at the local pub slash tavern slash... restaurant? And discussd the matter of Incarnations again."

"Going over it quickly, Incarnations are fragments of God which seem to terrorize the area Lucrelia is near. They are big, monstrous things and no two are alike. But there's also Einherjar, people who use the power from fragments of God and side with the Incarnations. Master is interested in crystalizing a piece of Einherjar power to compare it to the Incarnation shard we got, so that's on our to-do!"

"As the town is concerned, no one really remembers when the war against God started or how old it even is. There's no information on it. Laurence wants us to go to the nearby mountains, soon. He says God might live there. There's a lot of Incarnations there, and it's his best lead to figure this out."

"You guys should keep your eyes open for that expedition. Incarnations have a fair bit of divinity and magical power in them, and they're harvestable with the right spells. It wouldn't be a bad idea to start collecting!"