Report: Lucrelia (4) (Gudako Ordria)

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Report: Lucrelia (4) (Gudako Ordria)
Date of Cutscene: 18 December 2015
Location: -
Synopsis: Archived report.
Cast of Characters: 908

Written by Caster old Japanese dialect ETC. ETC.!

"Hello, hi! So we went back to Lucrelia, again! Not the town, the mountains near it where it's said God sleeps and Incarnations roam. The usual crowd was present! There was that Grump Archer in red, the cocky fox, mister Barsett, Misha, Riva and Yuna, along with my master, myself and Berserker, obviously."

"We headed to the lake again, where last time it sounds like Riva, Yuna and Finna found something. Using charms to travel quickly, a secret passage through the water and leading to another part of the mountains was used. There, we found an ancient set of ruins, and another sleeping Einherjar in some sort of stone statis. Since everyone was dallying about what to do, master decided to have me wake it up."

"The Einherjar introduced herself as Eir, one of God's chosen warriors. She had been asleep for a very long time and was confused, but then said we were likely meant to show up and help. She took us to the temple, where we passed countless sleeping Incarnations, maybe some Einherjar. A pool in a room, called the Well of Knowledge, was used to show us the past."

"A king who looked a lot like Laurence, the guard captain of Lucrelia, was seen leading human armies in raids against the Incarnations and Einherjar, wielding supernatural weapons we didn't see when we visited Lucrelia, and which their soldiers definitely didn't have. This culminated in the king stealing God's power, and every Incarnation and Einherjar turning to stone to slumber, feeling betrayed and hurt."

"It's at this point an Incarnation attacked the temple. We distracted it and ran, and I collected another piece of divinity from it, this one aligned to wind and speed. More importantly, it struct everyone as odd that a creature on God's side attacked God's temple and chosen warrior. Knowing the king stole God's power countless years ago, it's possible that this man is still alive, as that much power would render a man immortal, or at least unaging if not undying. He may be the one controlling the Incarnations, and stopping us from learning more."

"Master says, she would really like us to recruit this man, if that's the case. There might be more to gain from doing that than from stopping him. But right now, all we can do is continue investigating."

"On that note, master was basically being watched the entire time. The fox, Yuna, and the Archer, barely ever took their eyes off her. If we want to keep our ability to do things there, we're going to need some backup."

"We don't know how much of the temple survived the attack, or if the Well of Knowledge survived, but if it did it's something else to consider. The temple was filled with divine creatures in statis, and the Well of Knowledge could be an invaluable asset."