Report: Lucrelia (6) (Gudako Ordria)

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Report: Lucrelia (6) (Gudako Ordria)
Date of Cutscene: 24 January 2016
Location: -
Synopsis: Archived report.
Cast of Characters: 908

This report is written by Gudako, rather than Caster.

"Hi, hi! So, Caster's still recovering from that idol's charge, so, I guess I'm handling this one. And that's good, because I've got a thing to say at the end!"

"So, mister Laurence, who is actually King Arnest, owner of the Power of God after stealing it ages ago, met us and accepted allying with the Confederacy. Sanary was there with me to help with her rank and all! The thing is, the Union eventually showed up as expected, and while Caster set up Bounded Fields they didn't do much good to stop people."

"We identified Lyner Barsett, Riva Banari, Yuna Kagurazaka, Deelel and that red Archer, at the very least. Sanary suggested we should withdraw, and I agreed! So, Berserker dug us a tunnel out of the mansion, while Caster remained behind with the king's mind controlled armies and his murdermaid Alweyn."

"Caster says Deelel used some sort of fancy key-shaped sword to free the army of mind control, and that Riva might have killed the maid, but she was too busy getting stomped by that idol when she went berserk over the state of things to really pay attention to more."

"Us, that is, Berserker, Arnest, Sanary and me, managed to reach the Warp Gate before most of the Union could catch up. Archer tried gunning for us a few times from afar, but Sanary was on the ball defending. He got a lucky shot in with a Noble Phantasm that prevents healing, though, so King Arnest has this wound on his head now that won't close."

That's it!


"I'm gonna be totally honest, he's a liability. He wants to go back to God's Temple to retrieve the last of the Power of God. The thing is, the Union is definitely going to beat us there, or intercept us. He's walking into a deathtrap, especially with that wound on his head that isn't closing with healing magic. Plus, he already has the Power of God. There's no point getting the remnants, the power gain would be minimal! So! I vote we put the Power of God in someone more responsible. Someone who isn't going to take a pointless uncalculated risk! Ah, I don't know. Maybe me."

"If he goes forward with his plan to return to the temple, I intend to put a very literal knife enchanted by Caster through his back. And make smarter use of his power than him! I already have the spreadsheets ready that clearly outline the best things to do with such a power!"

-Gudako Ordria

OOC: If anyone's worried, things have already been arranged with Lyner!