Rest for the Wicked (The Janitor)

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Rest for the Wicked (The Janitor)
Date of Cutscene: 16 July 2019
Location: ???
Synopsis: The Janitor relaxes after a job.
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        The Janitor never sleeps in the same place twice, but everywhere she sleeps is the same. A Nepenthe-model living cell rented for the night, prefabricated, reinforced. The same anywhere in the galaxy. The walls are white and barren. The bed is a cot on the floor. 

        The prison ship was nicer. She doesn't care. 

        She brushes her teeth with a complementary toothbrush, washes her face with tepid water. Her old friends have paid her enough for today's work to rent this room for a hundred years, and she doesn't have a suitcase to unpack. Possessions aren't comfort. Possessions are dependency. 

        She looks up into the mirror by mistake, her face still dripping wet. Her body tenses. It takes her seconds to recognize herself. She leans forward, presses one hand against the glass, and stares into her own yellow eyes. 

        Whatever she sees there, she doesn't lose sleep over it. 

        She lowers herself onto the cot, takes the Walkman out of her pocket, slips on her earphones, and rewinds the tape to the beginning. Her hands fold over her chest and her eyes drift shut as the tape clicks and starts to play. 
        The guards are transferring a prisoner to her cell. She loops the chain of her handcuffs around a guard's neck and pulls him in just as the forcefield activates, cutting him in half. She breaks her cuffs with his gun and deactivates the field with his ID card before the others realize what's happening. Three of them open fire; one hits the red alert. She ducks past them and jabs her fist through the iron plating to rip out a handful of wires...