Reverberate (Yuna Kagurazaka)

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Reverberate (Yuna Kagurazaka)
Date of Cutscene: 25 August 2016
Location: "City of Ravnica <Rav>" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.[[City of Ravnica <Rav>]]
Synopsis: "City of Ravnica <Rav>" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.With Yunomi not merely in hiding, but actively on the run from her hunters, Yuna scrambles for ideas to find her before anyone outside the Union can do so.
Thanks to: Yunomi Stadler
Cast of Characters: "City of Ravnica <Rav>" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.385

"There's got to be something we can do to find her," Yuna mutters, pacing back and forth. She's in her Light Suit again, not because she's expecting a fight - at least not yet - but because she knows she'll need to combine with one of her partners once she goes into the catacombs beneath Ravnica.

At least, assuming Elner lets her leave the guest room assigned to Yuna. The robo-faerie is hovering right in front of the door, watching Yuna pace. "There's little we can do to add to the search," Elner points out. "Sidonia has been looking since immediately after the incident, and if she still hasn't found Yunomi -"

"We can't just leave this up to Sidonia, Elner! That Ijiwaru guy didn't even try to hide what he wants to do; if he gets to Yunomi first, he'll kill her and never feel an ounce of guilt for it! And the rest of the Ravnican Guilds are getting in on it too!" Yuna sighs, shaking her head hard enough to make her ponytail whip back and forth. "We have to do something, there's got to be a way - !"

"Yunomi is hiding from everybody right now," states Elner. "Friend and foe alike, in all likelihood. Even from you, Yuna; you did make a show of being ready to strike her down if she tried to kill Rhapsody."

Yuna wilts, leaning over the back of a chair and gripping it to try and ground herself once more. Elner's right, of course, but she was so desperate at the time that the appearance of overkill was the only thing she thought might get through to Yunomi. "If she stays hidden up until she gets killed by somebody who wants her head more than the truth, we'll never find out what was going on ... we have to at least tip the scales, give her a reason to approach us instead of waiting to run out of hiding places." She breathes in deeply, slowly letting the breath back out as she tries to sort out her thoughts.

"Is there any way we can encode a message to her ... ?" she wonders.

"It would have to be something audible over the radio," Elner points out, "rather than encoding it into the carrier signal somehow. Yunomi is clever, but she isn't carrying a decryption-capable computer around with her that we know of. So whatever message you want to send would effectively be audible to anyone listening on the right frequency."

Yuna purses her lips briefly. "I think I can work with that ..." She racks her brain briefly, then shakes her head. "We don't have a good way to embed a code into the music itself, either - maybe it could be done, but I'd have to write a song around the encrypted message, and we don't have time for that."

"Then what's your plan?" asks Elner.

"We know Yunomi's still monitoring radio activity, right?" Yuna says, standing up straight again. "We send a message that doesn't need to be encrypted."

Shortly thereafter:

"o/~ A thought spreads its wings, like tracing a spiral / As it soars towards our tomorrow / Oh, feel my soul; the resounding pulse / Dwells in this same hour ... o/~"

Yuna hasn't recorded this song before; it's one that she learned just recently, and her schedule's been too hectic lately for a studio session. But more than that, the lyrics seem more relevant to this search than any other song she knows right now.

"o/~ Even if you're too far to hear me shouting with all my strength / I'm sure my voice will reach your heart / Go round and round, there is no end of the world / Let's share a dream that floats in the same darkness o/~"

Not that Yuna is singing openly as she roams through the catacombs underneath the city of Ravnica; she needs to stay alert, and she may need her breath for other things at a moment's notice. Rather, she's recorded the song to Elner's databanks, and the little robo-faerie is transmitting as Elner flies along next to Yuna and the rest of the Matrix of Light. Rather than being ready for a fight, though, Yuna has the full Matrix with her to maximize her options for traversing the catacombs - Powered Form for high speed along fairly straight passages, Flight Form to negotiate vertical spaces, even Marine Form if she needs to delve underwater for any reason.

She's ventured into the catacombs once before - ironically, helping Yunomi deal with repairs (and an infestation of undead) - so Yuna knows what conditions are like ... and she's also prepared, just in case she runs into anything hostile that she can't simply retreat from. Yuna is determined to find Yunomi - and may the heavens help anyone or anything that gets in her way.