Rubicon (Kakarot (TP))

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Rubicon (Kakarot (TP))
Date of Cutscene: 28 April 2015
Location: Reptilon
Synopsis: Kakarot broadcasts his response to Genghis Rex and declares his battle plan: His people will be preserved, no matter what the cost. There is no going back.
Cast of Characters: 723
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future

The broadcast snaps on to display a massive gathering hall, the entire assembled force of the Neo-Saiyans present in orderly, color-coded ranks. There is a dais at the front of the hall, a massive bay window showing Reptilon in all of its Paleozoic glory. Kakarot stands upon the dais, resplendent in gold armor with his lieutenants Toma, Zuki, and Gaplan behind. Toma stands there, trying to not glance uneasily at Zuki, who stands there still in blackened armor and with a mask covering 3/4ths of her face, only showing her left eye. Her formerly lustrous hair is gone, replaced with a choppy crew cut. Gaplan stands on the other side of Zuki, his arms crossed and his expression stoic.

The King of the Neo-Saiyans raises his arms, and calls out to them. "NEO-SAIYANS! You are gathered here, in an alien place, over an alien planet. You have all tasted battle here. Seen friends and comrades fall. I have suffered as you have. I have witnessed the Green Wasting and how our comrades screamed as they died. I have looked upon the strange powers and unusual weapons deployed by the Reptilonians and their multiversal allies, this 'Union' and 'Confederacy'.I have bled there in the front lines with you. We have shared in the pain and the glory."

There is a pause, and he lowers his hands, shaking his head. "You have all seen the broadcast from Genghis Rex, King of the Reptilonians. He has promised death to you. He has promised the /genocide/ of the Neo-Saiyan race should we not bend knee and swear allegiance to the Confederacy. I have come to tell you that his boasts are not entirely untruthful. We face a foe beyond the capacity of our warrior race to defeat. History repeats itself, as it has when Freiza enslaved our people, and I am forced to make a choice, as do you."

At this, he clenches a fist. "They call me irresponsible. Look around you, at each other. I began my life in slavery, just as many of you have. Under Freiza's orders, I was sent to Planet Earth and told to wipe it out of all life. I killed them all. Billions dead, their blood on these hands because of the order of that madman. Some of you have experienced the same. Is it so irrational that I fight against being enslaved again? That any of you would do the same? Ever since we have arrived we have been nothing but disrespected and treated like animals! Threatened with death or slavery! Some of your comrades have even been taken by the Confederacy, where they will be no doubt brainwashed and added to their hordes, to fight brother against brother. Or perhaps they will rally, and resist their would-be masters, doing their heritage honor."

He sighs, then, and looks over his men. "If any of you wish to leave my service and surrender, I will not judge you. You are still as brothers and sisters to me. Whether now or later, in life or in death, you will never be forgotten as shining examples of your people."

He spreads his arms and bows his head, going silent. In the silence, a Neo-Saiyan thrusts a hand into the air. "KAKAROT!" He yells. "KAKAROT! KAKAROT!" The yell is taken up by others, spreading like wildfire, becoming deafening.

Eventually, he raises a hand, and it goes quiet. "Brothers and sisters, you do me honor. Serving you has been the greatest gift I could have asked for in this life." It is at this point that a fire ignites in his eyes. "But I declare this here and now..." He raises a fist, clenched in defiance and rage. "KAKAROT IS ALREADY DEAD! I swore to lay down my life for my people and I do it gladly! I fight to ensure the continuance of our people and our way of life. Those of you who will continue to serve me, you have another choice: Those of you who wish to join me in the final battle, a battle that will shake the heavens, a battle that will ensure the roar of the Neo-Saiyans will be heard through the Multiverse, stand with me! But know this, you will almost assuredly die, or more likely taken captive by the slavemasters of the Confederacy and Union."

He pauses, "The rest of you will return home. Carry the word of what you have seen, and prepare. Gather the PTO. Call forth the full might of the Neo-Saiyan Empire. When the time comes, you will either see the slavemasters coming for us, or you will see the herald of the next era of the Neo-Saiyans, a leader who will bring us to the future we must have!"

It is at this point, he screams, his golden Super Saiyan aura erupting in terrible waves around him. "REPTILON! CONFEDERACY! UNION! HEAR ME NOW! I am the terror of the universe. I am the answer to a Saiyan People who cry out for war. I am protector of our heritage. PRIDE OF OUR PEOPLE! NIGHTMARE TO YOU!"

The roar of the Neo-Saiyans becomes overwhelming, and the broadcast ends with the symbol of the Neo-Saiyan empire.