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For an actual calendar view (which can give you full scene briefings): CLICK HERE!

SCENE TIMES APPEAR IN GMT/UTC. You can use THIS page to help find yourself.

Title Time Description
Welcome To The New Death Game 2022-08-13 23:00:00 Because I had a mountain of prepwork for a plot that is no longer going to exist, I am repurposing it into just running it myself.

Start of an original plot loosely derived from plans I had for helping with a new SAO TP. Come for a VRMMO death game featuring half a million people with nothing in common, from their country of origin to even their game system, roped into a copycat catastrophe of an unprecedented scale that shouldn't even be physically possible. Navigate not just a world of swords, but a boundary-pushing experiment into the limits of the human form and psyche through a once-legitimate game. Integrate characters into a consistent grand narrative without the baggage of old rules holding it down, form lasting relationships with original characters, and unveil the kind of insane twists that I put into my plots.

Welcome to Blade Craft: Alter/Exceed. c+xterm220Allc/ c+xterm106factionsc/ c+xterm171welcomec/. chuwTag to indicate interest in the plot itself. Attendees will have some homework to do before the scene, so I won't accept last second walk-ins.c/

Genie in a Bottle 2022-08-14 23:00:00 A lead for a hidden weapons cache in Eggman's world leads to... something unexpected.

Concord or Eggman-Social-Link alts only. Introduction scene.

Here Be Monsters 1 2022-08-15 23:00:00 A small 'concrete island' community in Rita's flooded world sends a desperate plea for help via radio. A nocturnal migration of "leviathans" has overrun their walls and begun feasting on the occupants. On-world aid can't be counted on. The sea foams white with teeth and fins, and flames rise to lick the night sky.

Simple coded PvE in Rita's world! Open to all factions; it's suggested you bring an alt with some connection with Rita, but if you don't have any, you're still welcome. Leads into something else...

Here Be Monsters 2 2022-08-16 23:00:00 Prior attendance helpful, but not necessary. A hopefully light social/explo. Come poke at the enormous rusting city-ship that Rita once called home, the social order they've built in the wake of upheaval, and the people she still calls family.
Candy says, "You, ah... you thought about going back?" 
Rita Ma ! 
Rita Ma says, "I don't..." 
Rita Ma says, "I can't." 
Candy says, "Okay." 
Rita Ma breathes out. "I can't." 
Candy says, "Would you, if you could?" 
Rita Ma says, "It doesn't matter if I would," in a way that means 'yes'. 
STC Stands For... 2022-08-18 23:00:00 Phobos has located an ancient artifact of extreme interest to her. Unfortunately, the Adeptus Mechanicus found it first.

In exchange for assistance with the removal of the Mechanicus from the premises, Phobos will relinquish any and all loot of interest on-site, save the artifact itself. And since the Mechanicus mobilized some of its highest value units for this, there'll be plenty to find from the bodies alone.

Ostensibly aimed primarily at the Concord but mercenaries or potential interference not unwelcome. Combat ahead!

The totally normal party scene 2022-08-19 23:00:00 A village of undead and other underworldly monsters in Fall was saved from a bloody battle against a vague order of holy knights. As thanks, its inhabitants have invited the Elites involved to partake in a little party in their honor with all sorts of fanciful and magical foods prepared by the locals. Everyone is welcome to bring friends, of course, and nobody's really checking IDs at this thing.

A light-hearted social scene in Kukuru's home town! Mingle with monsters, meet the parents, and definitely don't expect things to get a little weird at the end.

Factory Fisticuffs 2022-08-20 22:00:00 A potential kidnapping ring has been discovered in Metro City, and their ringleader has been tracked to a factory downtown. Local musclehead Cody Travers is on the move to bring them down with the aid of Elites from all over and an unlikely ally, and an explosive confrontation is all but guaranteed. He isn't going to be the only one in pursuit of his lady love, however, as more victims are revealed.

Part 2 of a some-number of parts series of scenes dedicated to yet more fisticuffs and moving from screen to screen. No prior attendance necessary!

Scherzo - First Movement 2022-12-31 23:30:00 The Royal Navy has successfully kept the majority of their Iron Blood rivals bottled up in the North Sea by a blockade maintained by the Royal Channel Fleet. Outside of the occasional ships dashing through in the dead of night, the Royals have kept their foe contained.

Today the Iron Blood fields a new weapon; and the Channel Fleet shall be tested like never before.

Step 2: Spike the Ball and Disrespect Em 2023-01-10 00:00:00 With sacred ink and priceless scroll, Okada Izou now has all the necessary ingredients to put to paper his true final words. By his own admission, Izou is nowhere near an artisan, when it comes to calligraphy. The use of such rare items for such clumsy penmanship would be seen by afficionados as nothing but an insult--to say nothing of the very real insult included in his last words. This insult will be enshrined in a museum, replacing the sanitized, false version of Izou's last words, a comeback one century and a half in the making. There's just one hitch: an unexpected guest who happens to be a scion of the Takechi line. He's got hands.
(OOC: Coded combat, Concord. A reverse heist wherein a descendant of Takechi Hanpeita attempts to stop the Concord from dabbing extra hard.)