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In this universe, the Earth was thoroughly destroyed at some point in the past. Not only was it wiped clean, but all communication with off-world colonies was lost. Whatever happened, it was so sudden and thorough that there is little to no information as to what caused it. Whatever it was, it did not leave behind any radiation, but cities were reduced to rubble and it seems that most of the nutrients have been stripped from the land. Humanity managed to survive it however and has managed to scrape together into small, scattered civilizations. However, one settlement has done more than scrape. Building itself up on scavenged Before Time technology, the ReGenesis Corporation has made its mission to bring the world back from the brink. To do this, the ‘Savior Programme’ was created, to make man-machine hybrids able to brave the wastes and bring the light of civilization back.




Before Times

The Before Times is the term for the world before an undefined cataclysm. Based on recovered materials, it seemed to be a peaceful time with advanced technology. Menial labor was dealt with by machines, allowing people to pursue meaningful work. However, no information even hinting at the cause of the sudden destruction has been found.

ReGenesis Corporation

ReGenesis is a company dedicated to reviving civilization as it was in the Before Times. Founded in 2754 by Douglas Reils, he came up with the idea upon stumbling across what appeared to be a vast Before Times underground laboratory. Contained within was a mother lode of Before Times technology, along with instructions for operation. Using them, he created a thriving settlement, putting up walls against the wastes, fertilizing the soil and arming the residents against attack. This settlement was dubbed 'Eden.'

Also stored in the laboratory were computers, with vast swathes of information about the Before Times. As the residents learned of how civilization once was, they decided to bring it back. However, to do that, they needed even more resources than what Eden had. In addition, they wished to send an envoy out, someone who could spread the word quickly, across the whole continent and teach people to survive and defend themselves.

To do this, they created the Saviour Programme.

SAVIOUR Programme

The SAVIOUR Programme is a process through which orphaned children are raised and trained by ReGenesis. As they grow, they are tested for potential physical strength, mental fortitude and a personality suited for dealing with people. At the age of 10, suited children start receiving small mechanical implants in the brain and body, along with more intense training. At age 15, their organs are heavily augmented. Lungs become able to strip water from breathed air, the stomach becomes able to break down near anything consumed, etc.

At age 18, their lower digestive tract is removed to make room for a KOAN Core. This core is charged by the augmented stomach, as well as various energy collectors throughout the rest of the body. This core powers the SAVIOUR, as well at their implants, which they then begin to train in using. At age 21, the SAVIOUR has their limbs amputated and replaced by weaponized limbs. They also undergo a top-secret procedure that halts the aging process. At this point, the SAVIOUR is given their mission, and sent out from Eden.

At present, their is only one SAVIOUR, Eryl Fairfax. He is the prototype for the programme. Due to concerns about the stress of being alone for months at a time, having such a difficult and important mission, as well as concerns about the long-term effects of such augmentations, no SAVIOURs will be made until he has completed his mission and returned for evaluation. However, with his mission nearing completion, some new orphans are being groomed for the event that he is a success, and more Saviours are needed.

KOAN Core? Is that Before Times technology? Where can I get one?

As it happens, after Unification, ReGenesis is interested in selling to or trading with the Multiverse. Detailed here is a list of what ReGenesis has to offer.

POWER SOURCES: The Before Times had solved the energy crisis. High-yield solar panels and wind turbines had been invented, and lightweight batteries capable of holding high amounts of charge were invented. The most advanced form of technology on offer, however, are KOAN Cores. These cores can, with the right setup, convert post-entropic energies back into usable energy. However, not many of these cores exist, and ReGenesis has been unable to replicate them. Thus, they are very expensive.

CYBORG TECHNOLOGY: The cyborg technology on offer from ReGenesis can equal the capabilities of the parts of the human body they mimic, and can even surpass them. They can be stronger, more enduring, or have weapons embedded into them. However, too many features may require the addition of an extra power source to fuel them all.

WEAPONS AND ARMOUR: While the Before Times were peaceful, weapons and armour were still developed. Coilguns had been mass-produced, since batteries able to power them were widespread. These firearms propelled bullets with electromagnetism, as opposed to chemical explosives. As such, magazines and clips were typically lighter and smaller with greater capacity, as there was no need to make room for cartridges. These weapons are possible thanks to an artificial metal called Material EM17. This metal is a superconductor, a substance that has zero resistance when an electric current is passed through it. As it is, it is rather brittle, but when made into an alloy with other metals, the resulting alloy will retain the superconductive property.

In addition to coilguns, ReGenesis also has the means to make high-frequency vibrating (HFV) blades. The rapid vibrations allow the blades to weaken the molecular bonds of whatever it touches, allowing for easier cutting. Typically, these blades are made into survival knives, but they have the capability to HFV-variants of standard cutting weapons.

As for armour, ballistic vests were made using M5 fiber, an improvement on Kevlar, along with highly-durable ceramic inserts. Riot shields were also made using transparent aluminum, making them as durable as steel.

NOTE: In addition to these, the special materials that go into the weapons and armour (Material EM17, M5 fiber and transparent aluminum) are also available for purchase.

GARDEN: GARDEN is a species of artificially-created fungus that feeds on dead material and excreted powerful fertilizer and soil nutrients. The fungus remains in hibernation until exposed to soil. At that point, their first life cycle begins. It rapidly feeds and multiples, spreading through the ground and fertilizing it. After fertilizing a large section, it's second life cycle begins. In this state, it is partially dormant, not spreading as fast, remaining focused around the soil it has occupied and keeping it nourished. A single vial of GARDEN can create enough fertile land to keep a small settlement going perpetually, as long as they have seeds to plant in it.

SYNTHESIZERS: These synthesizers are how Eden was able to feed itself. These synthesizers draw on a slurry of amino acids, elements and chemicals to create things based on recipes. It can create meat, simple organisms like seeds, and basic materials like plastics, metals and cloth.

ALL-PURPOSE JUMPSUITS: These jumpsuits are designed to adapt to the weather and temperature, becoming thinner and thicker to keep the wearer at a comfortable temperature. Computers in the wrists can alter the appearance of the jumpsuit, changing colours and adding patterns. (NOTE: Older versions of the jumpsuit exist. They lack the ability to alter their appearance.)

TELEPORTATION: ReGenesis has Before Times teleporters to trade. These teleporters require a sender, which transmits the goods to be teleported, and a receiver, which reconstructs what is teleported. However, these teleporters are somewhat limited. They cannot teleport overly complicated machines or complex organisms like living beings. Apparently, they could in the past, but ReGenesis engineers have been unable to figure out how.

What is ReGenesis accepting for trade?

A post-apocalyptic world always needs resources. Listed here are what ReGenesis would accept in lieu of credits.

LIVESTOCK: ReGenesis is able to make meat with their synthesizers, but having livestock would lessen their dependence on them, as well as let them have the likes of milk, eggs, wool and leather.

PLANTS: With saplings and seeds, ReGenesis would not be utterly dependent on their synthesizers for such things. In addition, there are some plants they do not have recipes for.

CHEMICALS: ReGenesis has quite a supply of the slurry used to create things with their synthesizers, but they could always use more. They would accept chemicals, elements and the like to make more of the slurry.

VEHICLES: In the Before Times, most people used teleporters to get around. But, since ReGenesis does not have that option, they need all-terrain vehicles to get around.

MEDICINE: ReGenesis have some means of making medicine, but again, the basic materials are hard to come by.

ELITE MANPOWER: This world is full of risk and reward. Before Time bunkers still exist out there, some of which have been found already, full of technology and the automated defenses that guard them. ReGenesis may be willing to trade in exchange for help in looting some of these places.