Shadows of the Assassin Droid (Neuroi Girl)

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Shadows of the Assassin Droid (Neuroi Girl)
Date of Cutscene: 18 February 2016
Location: Mont-Saint Michel
Synopsis: Evangeline struggles with her inner thoughts after the encounter with HK-47
Thanks to: HK-47
Cast of Characters: Neuroi Girl
Tinyplot: none

"...are you alright, Evangeline?" Yoshika asked as she approached the even more quiet than usual Neuroi who had been floating at the end of the runway for hours now, just watching the gentle waves roll across the moon-kissed water. The young girl received no response from Evangeline. The Neuroi just continued staring over the water. Yoshika made her way closer, feeling a bit uneasy. When she got around to where she could see Eva more properly, she could see three slashes that look like clawmarks which passed all the way through Evangeline's body, a slight glow of her core visible from the top of those slashes. " should go to Union medical. That mean robot thing hurt you during the operation. If you go to medical, they can heal you as good as new, right?"

Evangeline lowered her head, as if looking at the slashes that reached from about midchest to her waist. "...I will not go..." is all she says, then she looks at the concerned Yoshika. " not be safe to be around me right now...Yoshika...please return to need your rest before combat training in the morning..."

Yoshika sighs, then nods lightly. "Okay." she says, sounding worried but resigned. "Try and get some rest yourself, okay Evangeline? Even Neuroi can't just go and go and go without rest." the young girl says before heading back to the base. Evangeline turned her head to watch Yoshika until the girl was behind her, then she looks back out to sea. The Neuroi wasn't sure she could tell anyone what had happened to her during her attempted integration with HK-47. How he had tried to use his assassin protocols as feedback into her core. How he had showed her flashes of nearly every death he had caused in his lifetime. How he had shared the sick delight he felt when the life flowed out of an organic being. How he had attempted to force his sadistic ways into her mind. And had worked.

The little Neuroi felt it. The urge to kill, and the feeling of delight that her mind knew it would bring. She also knew that she did not enjoy killing, and never had. But, even after Staren assured her that whatever HK-47 said was merely an attempt to get inside her head, she knew deep down that in a small way he was right. There was some amount of satisfaction at eliminating a threat. It was far removed from enjoying the act of killing itself as the droid did, but it was there. And it worried her, because with the assassin droid's programming rattling around in her head she feared she might seek that satisfaction. That she might go looking for threats to eliminate so she could feel it.

That was not her purpose. She is an ambassador! An agent of peace! That was her mission! Evangline lowered her head as she thought about it. Despite her mission, she had made very little progress toward a peaceful human-neuroi treaty. Humans and Neuroi were destroying each other just as often as they were before. All she had done since becoming an ambassador for the Neuroi was...fight. Destroy Neuroi that threatened her team. Destroy threats that the Union identified. Support others in attempts to destroy. Was that all she was good for? Destruction? Is that why she had been chosen to become a Warlock so long ago? That thought made her look over at the blue glowing lines on her shoulders, the scar from her enslavement that left her sometimes questioning the actions of humans and similar species.

HK-47 had said that inorganic creatures were superior to organic ones. That she was superior. And that she was a traitor for defending the organic creatures. She felt a sinking feeling as she realized he was again somewhat right. While she didn't consider defending things from /HIM/ to be traitorous...had she not betrayed her own kind by going to ally with the humans? Even though she knew that the enemy Neuroi would not hesitate to destroy her and her nest if they were given the chance, did it not make her a traitor to choose humans over Neuroi? Should she have chosen to remain neutral and not engage Neuroi who attempted to destroy the 501st? They had displayed a strong ability to defend themselves in the past, they really did not need her help.

She had done it to earn the human's trust, in order to facilitate her mission as a diplomat. Because they said if she didn't, then they would not listen to her. Her mission would have been over before it began. She'd had no choice but to ally with the humans and defend their base from enemy Neuroi. And now...she was an enemy to loyal Neuroi. She was a traitor.

Evangeline floated there, still and silent, as that thought sank in. She -was- a traitor. Even if it had been for a good cause, nearly all Neuroi would call her a traitor. As she floated there, the feelings that were welling up, filling her mind with despair... Evangeline suddenly wished she could cry.