She Has To Overcome Her Fear (Sinon)

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She Has To Overcome Her Fear (Sinon)
Date of Cutscene: 15 March 2015
Location: Shino Asada's Apartment - Tokyo (Sword Art Online-1)
Synopsis: What's a friend? Is it something you shoot?
Cast of Characters: 649

For ten minutes or so after she left the government building that housed the Bullet of Bullets registry, then subsequently went back to her safe zone and logged out, Shino Asada had been staring at the ceiling above her bed.

In the days that followed, as she went to school and shopped and returned home, she continued to stare off into space, thinking, dwelling upon the things that had happened to her.

"We can be your friends, too!" "Yeah, you can hang with us if you want-"

Just these two simple sentences from these foreign people had left her at a standstill now. She lives in an environment where the idea of friendship is entirely a pretense for exploitation and abuse. No one that approached Shino in this way was interested in anything genuine.

Neither was she interested. She was not willing to form that kind of relationship. There was a darkness within her that made the thought of any sort of emotional <<bond>> impossible. Her heart was not the kind of thing she would expose anyone to. That is what she had told herself.

To the world that said it did not wish to treat Shino Asada as anything other than a ******; a dirty thing... she had decided that any exception that came along was not, in fact, a true exception, and she would find a justification to retain her current emotional distance.

And so this... and yet.

Why would someone who had never met her before just offer her a friendship? Why would they be willing to tolerate the presence of Sinon, the cold, brutal sniper, the one they call Hecate?

Shino did not have an answer to this question. And so she realized she would have to take steps to know more about these people. To try and unlock the secrets that Kirito and his clique were hiding. So that they would understand what Sinon really was. And so that she could judge if this emotional <<bond>> was something she needed to shoot through...