Silly (Jonothon Starsmore)

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Silly (Jonothon Starsmore)
Date of Cutscene: 16 December 2014
Location: Xavier Institute
Synopsis: Jono reflects on the silliness of trying to give a gift to basically the god of gifting people. But does it anyway.
Cast of Characters: 27

        It's SILLY is what it is.

        At least that's what Jonothon Starsmore would have said had anyone asked him to write a letter to Santa Claus in his own world. Before his world unified 'Santa Claus', 'Father Christmas', 'Jolly Old Saint Nick'-- and anything else he was called-- was just an idea. A representation of the ever-so-elusive generosity of other people that only seemed to manifest itself near Christmas. Sometimes not even then.

        An idea that needed a 'face' to make it popular-- the various personifications of a Christmas spirit who gave presents without asking for money. That's all 'Santa Claus' was in Jono's world before unification. Even with all the weird and sometimes miraculous-- and sometimes horrible-- powers of mutants no one had ever popped up with a powerset to make that particular thing possible.

        But now he's heard that there IS a Santa Claus in the Multiverse. That he's known for an annual match that the money goes to charities afterwards. And that there's usually a good chance of him winning. Which actually doesn't surprise Jono. Strongmen and sumo wrestlers had similar builds as what Santa's has been described as right?

        It was stupidly late at the mansion, that was the only time Jono could really get any peace. Between Jubilee's overly effusive insistence that he get some sun during the day and Angelo's penchant to hang around him it was hard to get a moment of genuine solitude. Which was kind of ironic now that he thought about it. He was rarely ever by himself yet he was almost always alone.

        Jono looked at the things on the desk in front of him. A package of Whittard of Chelsea mint hot chocolate. A jar of tiny marshmallows. A notepad on which he intended to write a letter. A pen. He'd have typed the letter but he didn't want to wake up Gabrielle with the clicking. He glanced at the Shinki 'asleep' on her charging cradle and a smile pulled at the corners of his eyes. He picked up the pen and started to write.

Dear Father Christmas,

        A pause. Then he continues.

Do you prefer "Santa Claus"? "Saint Nicolas"? I'm not really sure what to call you. Well, anyway.

I don't really want anything.

        Again Jono pauses. That's a lie. He wants a lot of things. Just... none of them can be given to him by a Christmas miracle. And that's not what this letter is about. He doesn't cross out the words, though. He just adds to them.

Well. Yeah, I do want things. Lots of things. But I'm not going to ask, because they'd all be selfish things. And that's not why I'm writing this letter to you.

It just struck me that a lot of people are going to be writing letters to you, requesting this, or that, or some other thing. You're probably going to be doing a lot of running around for other people. When you were just an idea I didn't even think about it. But now that I keep hearing that you aren't that in this Multiverse, well, it's something to think about.

What I wanted to do is to thank you, just for being you. For doing what you do. For being selfless, and never asking for anything back. Aside from for us all not to be awful people.

You probably already saw them, but I put a package of mint cocoa and some of those little marshmallows in with this letter. I used to like this brand back when I could still drink the stuff. There was a store I'd nip down to on my bike during the winter that sold it. I figure after you're done for the year, you could sit down by the fire and relax. Maybe share it with Mrs. Claus, if there is one.

        Here again Jono pauses. How did you close a letter like this? How did you give a gift to basically the god of gifts? He tapped the pen in thought against the wrappings where his mouth would have been if he'd had one.

I know a tin of cocoa and a jar of marshmallows isn't going to equal what you do. But I hope you can get some enjoyment out of it nonetheless. Thanks again for doing what you do.

Jonothon Starsmore

        His penmanship is surprisingly good. Jono closes the pen and picks up the letter to look it over. It still feels odd to have written even if Santa was real in the Multiverse. And part of him does feel a little silly. But hey. He'd gone this far-- bought the stuff and everything. No sense turning back now. Gathering up the stuff Jono exits his basement room. Hopefully he can pack this stuff without nosy people asking him what he's doing and then laughing about it.

Because it was kinda silly, when he thinks about it. Gifts to Santa Claus? The thought of it is silly on so many levels. But hey. It's the least Jono can do.