Sin and Absolution (Kushiko)

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Sin and Absolution (Kushiko)
Date of Cutscene: 24 November 2016
Location: Larunda Relay
Synopsis: The Lady of Sin's offer and the actions that have been ongoing in Lordran compels a degree of introspection the Tenno did not expect in the ongoing conflict surrounding Priscilla.
Thanks to: Priscilla, for inspiring it.
Cast of Characters: Kushiko

"Are you certain, Tenno?"

Those words from the Lotus echoed in the young girl's head long after meeting Velka in the Cathedral Gallery and the subsequent debrief she had with the Lotus. She wasn't completely certain before, but the more she dwelt on it the more she considered the lady in black's words more favorably.

Nonetheless, she stalked the Larunda Relay, passing through the archways, her optics flicking down the corridors towards the divided groups of Syndicates that oft vied for Tenno support. "Hn..." At the noise from inside the Somatic Link, Ordis' cracked hexahedron blipped onto her visual field, a tentative note in his voice as he spoke. "Operator? Ordis wonders... what are you thinking about?"

Nova's fingers balled into a fist for a moment before relaxing. "Thinking that how some things change, the more they stay the same, Ordis. Or maybe it's that there's always a common thread somewhere." A faint huff, the dark purple tinted Nova Prime mimicking the gesture as she willed it further along. "Wonder if that's a Teshinism." she mused dryly. Ordis' sine wave pulsed briefly as he spoke cautiously at first, "I ... do not know, Operator. There has been much more to consider and deal with since the System became a part of this Multiverse. But the mission, the cycle, they stay the same at their core, do they not?"

In the mist of the Void energy that blanketed her, she allowed herself a small smile. "Yes. They do. Still, I think we would seek word with Teshin, perhaps. Let the Lotus know we will be meditating on this matter for a while. Thank you, Ordis." This made the Cephalon almost stammer for a moment before he recovered, "I-- yes, of course Operator." Without a further word of complaint Ordis closed the communication channel as the doors to the Conclave split open.

"Curious." the deep voice of the Conclave Master echoed. "You do not pass through here as often as I would like, pupil, though you seek it's lessons all the same. And yet another lesson lies before you, does it not?" Kushiko almost paused as Teshin spoke upon her entry into the Conclave--the symbolic snowy mountain and it's steps traversed by many Tenno, though never truly reaching the peak.

Kushiko bit back the immediate urge to snark, her projected voice lifting up towards the old master. "I keep expecting you to disapprove." Such a sentiment was answered in turn by a faint shake of Teshin's masked visage. "Hardly, my pupil. Be it through the Conclave or through those you face beyond Outer Terminus, you continue to better yourself and find the limits of your ability." He pursed his lips slightly. "You wonder about the nature of that world's 'Sin' and 'Absolution' as it relates to you and offering your blade to that world's blind justice."

Snow crunched beneath Kushiko's step as she paused, glancing towards one of the groupings of cairns, the familiar Orokin-Tenno script flowing down the stones, and the phantom of Teshin that slowly conducted a Narta as demonstration. When she did not speak, Teshin continued. "It would be easy to dismiss her words for being one from another place, would it not? Matters of sin, absolution, punishment for those who have strayed from the path of law. But then, easy was never your path, and still it is not. The river that flows here is the same as it is elsewhere." The man adjusted the grip on the sheathed Nikanas at his side. "Consider this, then. The sword. Protect or kill, it chooses not, for it only obeys the will of it's master."

Nova's head turned slightly, energy shimmering as the control surfaces on her back opened, the funnels of light glowing brightly. "The force of law, justice, even if it's denied action." Falling silent, she considered. "We do not like this, Teshin. It is a complex situation, much like--" Teshin cut her off. "Much like your own with the Orokin, with the Sentients and beyond. I can only be a humble guide here, pupil. You must be certain of your path and tread it without hesitation, for it is in hesitation that you will be lost."

Unconsciously within the cradle of her Orbiter, she drew a long breath, Nova's head bobbing once. "Thank you, Teshin. We will consider your words with care." The master's expression didn't change.

"That is all I can ask, pupil. Now go."