Sleepless In Woodvale (Alexis)

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Sleepless In Woodvale (Alexis)
Date of Cutscene: 25 October 2015
Location: Woodvale, Paragon City
Synopsis: Doing the right thing for the future doesn't exempt heroes from nightmares of the past.
Cast of Characters: Alexis

Once the Devouring Earth monster had been destroyed and the Woodsman's spirit successfully bound to Woodvale as it's Guardian, Alexis had returned to the resting area provided to the heroic efforts and collapsed in a bunk in exhaustion.

The artifact she had been loaned was immeadiately returned to M.A.G.I. as soon as she had found one of their operatives to lock it back up where it belonged. It had done its job, destroying the monsterous forces that had swarmed outside the Reality Marble while the others were inside helping Woodsman... But after what she had seen in using it, what she had -felt-, Alexis wanted nothing more to do with the thing. That had been more taxing than any of the physical injury she had suffered in the fighting. Now it made it hard to get proper sleep, despite how exhausted she was.

A time ago, it seemed like forever now, before her world had become part of the Multiverse; Alexis had been one of the Trainers captured by Mewtwo, brainwashed by his powers and turned into a humanoid pokemon by the experimental device he had stolen. She had been forced to turn on her friends, even her own pokemon before they managed to break her out of the brainwashing... And ever since then she's had a.. -thing- for lack of better words, against such corruption. Especially when it was psychics or supernatural shit like this. That's why she had kept coming back, to help these people, to help the Woodsman, to put an end to this corruption. But at the same time, it's what was still gnawing at the back of her mind, trying to route up those old memories. Those old terrors.

Fortunately Potporri was there with her, hovering over the tomboy's bunk as she flopped about, trying to settle in. The Musharna was an expert in dreams and nightmares, and like the soothing fragrance she was named for only lurked at the edges of her trainer's mind for comfort. She could not fight the subconcious demons for her, but she could support, remind the girl why she was the strong one, why she was here, why there were doing this, so she could get some of the rest she needed before moving on.

After all, these were just bad memories. Bad dreams.

The real nightmare would be tomorrow, when they deal with the Hive in itself...