Snow Job (Bramble Patch)

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Snow Job (Bramble Patch)
Date of Cutscene: 11 December 2016
Location: Everfree Forest - Equestria
Synopsis: A new direction is offer after the collapse of the Confederacy.
Cast of Characters: 278

Something was going wrong with the Multiverse... and frankly, Bramble Patch didn't give a buck.

Her only concern was the metric buckload of snow that the freak blizzard had dumped on Everfree Forest. Typically they only got moderate snowfall due to Everfree having it's own weather patterns instead of reliance on Pegasus Weather Control. So the abrupt freezing temperatures and snow had driven in the most fierce of monsters into hiding.

To make matters worse, Bramble Patch hadn't even been home when it happened. She had gone back to the castle ruins that had been Nightmare Moon's hideout, going through some of the old alchemy books in library there. She could of stayed within the walls to wait out the snow, but that meant Jinxel was alone at their cabins, and that scared her more. Not that she would admit it to anyone.

But the snow made travel trecherous, even with her intimate knowledge of the depths of the forest. Broken trees, slicken paths, ridges covered in snow. After sliding down into one ravine because the log bridge had collapsed under the weight of snow, climbing back out was a trying task.

It was just as she was getting near the top ridge that Bramble paused, staring as a pair of hooves where held down to her, from a pair of strikingly similar unicorns save one's prolific yet trimmed moustache. "Miss Bramble Patch, we presume." "You look like you." "Could use a helping hoof."

Bramble grumped a bit, but grabbed the offered hooves with her own, and between their pull and her push with backlegs got her up over the snowy ledge. A pause for a moment to shake herself off, then gave the two of them a glowering look. "Thanks.. but you still better have a good reason for parading around MY forest in middle of a disaster!" Pause. Then a squint at the one with a moustache. "You didn't -cause- this, did you?"

"But of course not!" Quickly retorted the cleanshaven one. "Rather we are here," added the second, as he produced a message and held it out. "To deliver a proposition." "For a new pursuit." "And better application of your..." "... unique talents."

"How did you know I was out here?", she snapped back as she grabbed the offered paper.

"Your friend at the cabin told us." "She had just finished digging herself out." "But a tree branch snapped and dumped more on her." "And we dug her out." "Said you had been doing research..." "At some ruins?"

Bramble was getting annoyed at their back-and-forth speech, but her glower did lighten a bit when they confirmed that Jinxel was okay. Just her usual bad luck that she would be stuck at the cabins alone when some freak blizzard hit. So instead she flipped open the paper, which already had it's message on display for her:

We understand the absence of your 'master' has been a trying time. But it is no reason to leave your talents squandered in this new era of oppritunity to be built upon the ashes of the Event. Your knowledge of botanicals both magical and mundane would be of great use to this effort, and your contributions more than respected for it. Help us grow anew from the broken boughs of the old.

After a moment of reading Bramble crumpled the paper with her hooves and tossed it, bouncing off the one unicorn's forehead, though the other flipped off his hat to catch it. "Just so you know, I am gonna bring Jinxel with," she remarks, even as she's already walking off towards home.

"But of course." "Our associates will certainly." "Be interested in her 'bad luck' as well." The two unicorns watched her go for a moment, then looked to each other once she was out of earshot. "Think we will get a bonus for getting three for the price of two?" "Undoubtably."