Soliloquy of Reproach: Hearts' Desire (Alucard Tepes)

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Soliloquy of Reproach: Hearts' Desire (Alucard Tepes)
Date of Cutscene: 20 October 2017
Location: Windknight's Lot
Synopsis: Magnus has captured Erina Pendleton. But if he expects her to be a shrinking violet, he's got another thing coming! His offer to be Alucard's new queen when he raises Castlevania is rebuffed, quite strongly.
Thanks to: Jonathan Joestar
Cast of Characters: Magnus (no ID), Erina Pendleton (No ID)
Tinyplot: Soliloquy of Reproach

        The ruined castle looming over Windknight's Lot like a beast ready to pounce in the night played host to a pair of guests that eve. One was a slim, lithe man with pale, purple-tinged skin, violet hair kept short in the back but allowed to grow long at the temples. The first instantly inhuman thing about him? A pair of large black wings set at his back. His feet were bare, and the nails of both were long and clawlike.

        Magnus, an incubus and loyal servant of Vlad Dracula, Dark Lord of Castlevania. And he wanted to go home. Dracula had fallen, and the castle could not exist without its Dark Lord. There was only one thing to do -- convince Adrian, Dracula's son, to take up the mantle. The castle would live again, and he could stand at Adrian's side.

        The other of the castle's two 'guests' was a beautiful blonde-haired woman with blue-green eyes. She was dressed in a typical woman's dress for the Victorian era, but it was rumpled and messy. It's no wonder that, she had been kidnapped. One of the chains strewn about the ruined castle had been repurposed to fasten her arms behind her, and around a broken pillar.

        Erina Pendleton, fiancé of Jonathan Joestar. The poor girl had been caught up in all this mess when the group went to Alucard's world to confront him. But while away from Windknight's Lot, Magnus found her. "Well, well... I had no idea you were so very much like her. Lyudmil will love you~," he'd said. He'd put her to sleep somehow, with a claw before her face. And she'd woken up here.

        Magnus, the incubus, approached the captive girl. "This is all unnecessary, all this silly, puerile behavior," he said, with a tone like a father disciplining a child. Not angry, just disappointed. The blonde woman said nothing, merely kept her head turned and refused to acknowledge him. Magnus got uncomfortably close, nearly pressed against her. "He could give you everything, you know," he breathed, leaning close to her face. "Riches. Power. Beautiful clothes. Anything... your little heart desires."

        Here Erina paused, turning her gaze to Magnus finally, and then fully turning her head to look at him. Her gaze is firm, without a trace of visible fear. Yet she trembles. She is afraid. But she won't give him the satisfaction of seeing her frightened. "No," she denied, voice firm as her gaze. "Your master cannot give me what my heart desires. You cannot. My heart desires another. And it will ever be so."

        At this Magnus paused, seeming taken aback. "Wh... what?" Then he scowled. Unlike Alucard, all of Magnus's canine teeth were sharp, and those sharp teeth were bared inches from her face. Yet she still refused to back down. "The one you called 'Jojo', yes? He is a human. Like you. Weak. Pitiful. Pathetic! You could be a queen! Nay, a goddess!"

        "Of darkness and hate," Erina supplied calmly. "I refuse. I will not give myself to darkness. I will not become what you are, wholly consumed by hatred." She scowled at the incubus. "You call me 'pathetic', but you are even more so. Your heart is as black as coal, there is no room for love there. It is little wonder you would not listen to reason. I do not fear you. I pity you."

        Magnus emitted a choked sound at these words. "You dare...!" Erina gave a yelp as Magnus's hand found purchase on her cheek, in hard slap. It was a strong hit, but Magnus metered his force well. He was angry, but he didn't want to kill her. Yet. "Then you have chosen your death," Magnus hissed. "I gave you the choice to be his queen. Now you will be his sacrifice."

        And in the next instant he was reeling back. Why? She had literally spat directly in his face. "Insolent bitch!" Magnus screeched. He needed to punish her, it was the only thought in his mind. But not now. He wiped the spittle from his eye. "I will enjoy your pain, little one. I will take special care to kill your precious Jojo, slowly. And I will make you watch every moment of his pain!"

        But he needed to get away. Or he would hurt her more than he wanted to. Whirling around, he stalked towards the nearest open portal. Ruined door, broken window, open balcony -- he didn't care. His rage needed a victim, but it could not be Erina Pendleton. Not yet.

        No sooner had he left, Erina sagged against the pillar behind her, suppressing a sob. She was frightened, much more so than she would ever admit to Magnus. Not only for her own life, but for Jonathan's. She knew he would come to save her... but would Magnus be able to use her to hurt Jonathan? The thought of Jojo being hurt over her... that was deeply frightening. "...Jojo," she breathed. "Please be careful..."