Sore Loser (Fujiwara no Mokou)

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Sore Loser (Fujiwara no Mokou)
Date of Cutscene: 08 February 2015
Location: Eientei, Gensokyo
Synopsis: Just Another Day In Gensokyo
Cast of Characters: 709

Two figures, one with long black hair dressed in pink and red, the other with long white hair dressed in red and white, stand before a an old-style Japanese building in the middle of a bamboo forest. Both exhausted, they are nonetheless laughing. The one with the black hair is pierced by half a dozen sharp bamboo sticks, pinning her to the ground lethally. The one with the white hair has a futuristic knife lodged through the heart.

"I think this round's mine," white-hair says.

"Oh~? You'll only impale me on bamboo? How uncreative. I got that knife from someone we nursed. It'll send you away~," black-hair teases.

"Nah, I filled the bamboo with gunpowder. Checkmate!" white-hair announces.

"Ah, ah~. Well played! But I still win," black-hair says.

And with a flick of white-hair's hand, the bamboos detonate.

Black-hair is scattered all across the front yard. White-hair pauses.

"Wait. GOD DAMNI--" she realizes, reaching for the knife.

Unfortunately, the knife activates and teleports her far away.

White-hair comes to, a castle in the distance. The knife is broken.

"I REALLY HATE YOU!" she screams to no one in particular.

With a resigned sigh she sets course for Igarashi Castle, to ask where she is and figure out how to get back home.