Stanley Padgett

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Stanley Padgett (Scenesys ID: 7513)
"...I talk of dreams, Which are the children of an idle brain..."
Full Name: Stanley Marigold Padgett
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (OC) Persona: Neon Legacy-1
Function: Rust Belt Fool of Hope
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (NA)
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Other Information
Physical Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 5'8" Weight: 140lbs
Hair Color: Currently Pink Eye Color: Amber
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Stanley Marigold Padgett is nobody's hero. Homeless, drifting from family to family, never in place long enough to find the connections that make a person grounded. Or at least that's how he should have been until his "fortunate" awakening to his powers as a wielder of Persona, an ability that manifests his soul as a tangible force of nature. With it, he's able to perceive the unreal, fight back against the burgeoning Shadows of his new home of Lampport, and maybe, just maybe, save everyone he knows. Will Stanley and his Persona Mercutio be able to make the connections necessary to bridge the gap between the Real and the Reversed sides of Lampport and save a city from ruin, or will he be shattered on the rubble of rusted-out foundries and broken dreams of American Greatness?




Mercutio is Stanley's Persona and the physical and metaphysical representation of his True Self. Mercutio is a faceless, lanky, limber being clad in garish neon blue and white leather armor, carrying a longsword and a flintlock pistol. He manifests separately from Stanley and is the source of the young man's powers, both inside the Reversal and outside of it. 

Combat Options···: Mercutio and Stanley can use many attacks in melee. Mercutio's massive sword can slice through defenses and confound attackers, and the flintlock pistol can launch blasts of wind and fire to blister his foes in more than one way. Stanley carries a rapier and dagger in combat and is good at slipping past defenses, getting in range, and going for close attacks. Strength··, Speed···, Toughness··: Mercutio empowers Stanley to move faster, strike harder, and take punishment thanks to the mystical bonds of the Persona. Damage that could kill or maim most teens is blunted away through the Persona's aura, and Stanley's raw strength is enough to shove around boulders, debris, and large Shadows with relative ease. Debilitation···, Field Shaping··: Mercutio is capable of throwing down fields of toxic gas, and imparting the same toxins on its and Stanley's blades. It's a pox upon all houses and can seep through barriers and cause continuing damage, blindness, and paralysis. Mind Control··: When Stanley and Mercutio want a fight, they can get one. Psychically enhanced taunts, barbs, and insults can force opponents to fixate on Stanley and attempt to take out the brave fencer one on one. He'll bite his thumb at you, sir. Buffs·: While not the best at support, Mercutio and Stanley can give themselves and their allies a bit more pep in their step and help them out avoiding some of the damage coming their way. Resistance - Toxic··, Extraordinary Senses - Magic·


One of the few stable things Stanley had in his life was his hobby of fencing, and with the appearance of Mercutio to back him up, that hobby has blossomed into a full-blown art form. 

Weapon Mastery - Fencing···: Stanley's former hobby has become a full-blown art style, thanks to the ancestral memory of his Persona. He is nimble, fast, and keen with rapier and dagger and can fiddle his way under his enemy's guards, whittle away at their defenses, and go for a decisive strike to put them down. Teleportation·: Stanley can skip back and forth through reality, and maneuver himself into just the right positions for a strike... and also out of harm's way when something goes wrong. Illusions·: Stanley can create after images of himself during combat, giving him cover and diversionary options when he's either moving to engage or disengaging. They are unable to take more than a single hit and last just long enough to confuse people.


The Reversal is the Other Side of reality, a haphazard recreation of our world, made up of the thoughts, memories, dreams, and desires of all of humanity. It is also a world of danger, populated by Shadows, the manifestation of negative human emotions.

Teleportation··: Field Shaping·: Stanley accesses the Reversal through the use of a gacha game on his phone, and can traverse in and out from any place that's been denoted as a Control Point in the game itself. These are usually monuments or important places that serve as anchors for The Game. Stanley can bring a few people with him on his way in or out. Healing·, Cure·: Stanley has access to The Velvet Room, a place of rest and respite inside of the Reversal. It takes the form of an oddly blue and well-appointed city bus, and is extremely comfortable and accommodating. Anyone who spends time in the Velvet Room will be able to rest and recuperate at a faster rate than they could normally.



Having spent his youth as one step above a street kid has forced Stanley to pick up some habits and survival tactics to keep himself safe, out of trouble, and most importantly out of juvie. Some of these habits are good, some are not. 

Entry Methods··, Stealth··: Stanley is used to getting into places he's not supposed to be. He knows how to easily spot and beat weaknesses in basic building security, carries or can jerry-rig entry tools, and can get around and wriggle his way into places adult-sized people probably can't. Hint·: Stanley's got a sixth sense at reading people's intentions and trying to spot who's going to be trouble, and who's angling for a fight. More recently, he's been putting this skill to good use in finding people who need help or support of their own. Mobility·: Stanley learned basic parkour, simply out of the necessity of scampering away from trouble at high speed, over fences, under benches, and generally putting distance between himself and whatever or whoever is after him. Extraordinary Senses - Auditory·

STUDENT OF THE BARD: Knowledge - Shakespearean Theater: For some inane reason, every time he's changed schools, every single time the English courses have been in the middle of studying Shakespeare. He's gotten good at playing his parts. Skill - Theater Technician: Stanley is never quite able to join a school in time to be on stage for theater productions, but he's happy to hang out backstage, build sets, goof off, and try to make a few friends before inevitably changing schools again.




LONESOME HERO: Stanley has a crippling fear of being Left Out. After years of being forced to drift from home to home, place to place by his father, he is starting to finally piece his life together, stitch together a patchwork network of friends and stabilize something for himself. And for him to lose that would break him utterly. This drives him to try to connect with people and blinds him to their flaws or even their bad intentions if they extend what appears to be an honest friendship to him. The fact that people turn on him, exploit that goodwill, or even betray him is a blindspot for Stanley. Those betrayals and double-crosses can drive him into bad decisions, like taking on challenges he's not ready for or leaving him open to more harm as he tries to fix the connection. Anyone able to completely cut him off from his friends and companions or forcefully compel isolation on Stanley would have a scared boy on their hands, rather than a proud and capable Persona-user.


Title Date Scene Summary
PNL: Welcome... to Lampport August 29th, 2022 Stanley meets a BUNCH of Elites, and shows them a smidge of what life is like in Lampport.


Title Date Scene Summary
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