Starlight Bandits

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Starlight Bandits (Scenesys ID: 943)
"Irvine, they want a quote from us!" "Well Molly, we can't tell them that, they'll cut off our escape!" "That's 'route,' silly!" "Hahaha! Brilliant as usual, my dear!"
Full Name: Irvine Lune and Molly Crescent
Gender: Male and Female
Species: Greaver
Theme: (OC) CODE: Chaser-1
Function: Recurring Minibosses
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Other Information
Physical Age: 23/21 Actual Age: 23/21
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Michael Sinterniklaas/Bella Hudson
Height: 5'9"/5'5" Weight: Manly!/Secret~
Hair Color: Black/Blue Eye Color: Gold/Blue
Theme Song: Star Scat


A pair of Chasers unaligned with the Guild. Irvine Lune and Molly Crescent are always trying to emulate the legendary bandit pair Typhoon Bill and Hurricane Jane. However, their hearts are too soft, and their heads too thick to ever pull off a heist to the same degree as they. Though they often attempt to steal claims from official Chasers, as well as engage in more basic forms of thievery, their bizarre behaviour, the lavish (and sometime garish) outfits they wear in doing so, and their spectacular lack of subtlety means they are regarded as bemusing crackpots by other Chasers, and embarrassingly uncatchable by law enforcement. The latter is not at all helped by their Terminal Getaway, old technology that enables random teleportation. However, their wanderlust and lack of foresight makes the 'random' part just another perk. And while they do behave like a pair of fools, they are fools armed with dual-purpose firearms. However, underlying all that is the fact that the two actually fool most everyone they meet. They are actually Greaver, animalistic demihumans passing as regular humans.








SOFTIES: For bandits, the two are incredibly kind-hearted and gullible. If they're stealing or attacking something, all it will take is a sob story from those trying to protect it to make them stop, and perhaps even join forces with them against any other threats.

UNRELIABLE: Though their fickle nature makes them dangerous foes, it also makes them unpredictable allies. One never knows if they will get distracted from the main point of the job, help the opposition, or even just wander off. This can potentially make them enemies, or at least demand constant babysitting by allies.

LOUD: Thievery typically demands some degree of stealth. These two (literally) don't know the meaning of the word. Their extravagant garb and attention-grabbing behaviour practically screams 'look at us!' when they're too busy to do it themselves. They are even loud in the olfactory sense, typically wearing lots of perfume and cologne, which marks them for anyone with a strong sense of smell.

TERMINAL GETAWAY: The one constant in how the two work can be the pair's undoing. Terminal Getaway is a weak, undirected teleporter, and those with some degree of control in the same field could easily block it or ensure they arrive somewhere unfavourable. Alternatively, breaking the device or rendering it inoperable would cut off off their escape. Finally, the random nature of its teleportation means that it might shunt the two, say, only 10 feet to the left, instead of allowing them to escape.

PARTNERS: Irvine and Molly are a pair. As such, separating them or taking one out will reduce their combat capability (PL: 33 -> 29). Secondly, being separated will drive the two to reunite with each other before any other objective. If one is seriously hurt, the other will drop everything to see to them, and most likely teleport out right away to seek treatment if none is available.


Title Date Scene Summary
Beyond the Emerald Key-1 May 5th, 2018 Pending
In The Closing Act, Everyone Wants The Same Thing For Different Reasons September 27th, 2017 The execution date for the old monarchy of Chapter and the traitors in the new government arrives. Loyalists, assisted by the Starlight Bandits, play their last card.
A Grand Celebration For Two Covers Co-Conspiracy By Many August 24th, 2017 The Watch and Concord both gun for Forrester Houl, traitor to Chapter and self-interested politician.
'A Needless Flashy Escape' Can Have Two Meanings Depending On How You Read It July 27th, 2017 The Starlight Bandits clue in the Watch on corruption in Chapter's new rebel government.
Loyalists, True to their Name, Profess Much Loyalty to Each Over, Even in the Face of Harsh Consequence July 9th, 2017 The Concord get a lead on the loyalists and descend into the Opera Bibliotheca with the intent to kill them. But what they discover makes them stay their hand, for now.
Those Who Fought For Freedom And Those Who Fight For Themselves Come To An Accord June 30th, 2017 The Concord strikes a deal with the rebel rulers of Chapter; the heads of the loyalist movement in exchange for the Opera Bibliotheca.
Sanary Mucks Out A Grand Auction Like It Were A Pig Sty June 27th, 2017 The Bandits hold an auction for a stolen book that tells the future in the kingdom of Chapter. Rebels and loyalists argue over who gets it, but in the end, it's traded for fresh pork.
The Ruins Beneath The Minds Holds Statuesque Secrets May 24th, 2017 The rebel government, headed by Perplex and backed by the Watch (and Gaige) descend to find the treasure spoken of by the Starlight Bandits.
What Follows An Uprising, Is It Called A Downlowering April 11th, 2017 Molly has lost Irvine! Time to track him down. Luckily, some nice loyalists have found him, and just need a bit of info from him...
History Is Like a Dusty Library Shelf; Packed Together, And Oft Ignored January 22nd, 2017 Revolution! Repressed serfs march on their literary masters with the Watch and Kirito assisting. The League push back! Oh yeah and the Bandits were there too.
Masks Are Used To Hide Your True Self In A Literal And Metaphorical Sense January 6th, 2017 The Starlight Bandits make a public threat to steal a key of great value from a ball filled with guards and foreign military. Some come to prevent this, some come to watch, and some come for the free food.
CC-SJ-1 Bunker Hill November 13th, 2016 Will invites some friends on an adventure. They find the remains of a long-dead civilization, terrible revelations, and a new light in the darkness.
Bunker Hill November 13th, 2016 Will invites some friends on an adventure. They find the remains of a long-dead civilization, terrible revelations, and a new light in the darkness.
CC-SJ-1: Bunker Hill November 13th, 2016 Will invites some friends on an adventure. They find the remains of a long-dead civilization, terrible revelations, and a new light in the darkness.
Unexpected Adventure August 24th, 2016 Two rogues leave Sarracenia high and dry with their stolen loot!
Multiversal MegaMotor July 23rd, 2016 The annual Multiverse MegaMotor race is here! GOTTA GO FAST!
The Great Gale Turkey Shoot June 12th, 2016 Turkeys on Tellus are serious business. THE KING IS DEAD. LONG LIVE THE KING.
The People Cry Out, Saying 'Such Opulence Cannot Be Allowed!' May 13th, 2016 A callous queen has worked her people to the bone to create four grand statues of herself from precious metals, and made all her subjects show up for the unveiling. The inevitable riot happened, and a 100ft tall bronze statue was stolen in the mayhem.
Sepulchre of the Giants April 23rd, 2016 Beyond the robotic horde is... A robot factory!? The party takes on a giant robot tank and travels deeper into the base, only to find themselves face to face with a relic of the ancient age. One that doesn't want the people of the present to meddle in his domain.
The Mountain Cycle April 5th, 2016 Iskandria is under attack by horrible robotic legions. They send out a call for help, and help answers... Only to discover something waiting for them beyond the horde.
Despite Efforts, the Deluminated Encounters Internal Turbulance March 14th, 2016 The Deluminated takes off on its maiden voyage, with many Elites on board. Things spiral out of the control from there.
Primary Pursuit January 31st, 2016 A team of BOLD ADVENTURERS explore a mysterious ruin in a vast desert. They discover a terrible menace, and punch a giant robot in the face. ENTER WILLIAM PAUWEL.


Title Date Scene Summary
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