Stress Related Break(Through\Down) (Ren Tanaka)

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Stress Related Break(Through\Down) (Ren Tanaka)
Date of Cutscene: 22 April 2016
Location: Tomoyo's Boutique (Former) - Tomoeda, Japan
Synopsis: Do you ever have one of those moments where all the stress and the confusion and the worries clear from your head and you know exactly the best, simplest, easiest answer to your problem?



Thanks to: To Tomoyo Daidouji and Mamimi Samejima
Cast of Characters: 165
       Phoenix Rising- Lost Years
       Kung Fury - 2015
       (This cutscene happens at some time between Friday and Wednesday.)
       Someone has done terribly wrong to a friend of Ren Tanaka's. 
        He's done this before, forensics. In casinos and ruined houses, in whatever town he drifted through that week. Some crime to solve, some injustice done to the friend he made that week and then left behind once their trouble was resolved. Put on a pair of gloves, get your tweezers and your little plastic bags out, and then just let the essence flow through you.
       And so he does, standing in the charred boutique. Amidst the ashes of dreams, he stands and he scans, hours of work in fifteen seconds, skipping from place to place, information linking together like rings in a chain. Chain's an appropriate simile. He overturns a piece of something unrecognizeably charred; there's a cigarette underneath, not sufficiently destroyed by the heat.
       Who smokes these? Who had he seen smoking these before? Of course he can remember. He never forgets a thing. His mind is a manse, his memories a library. 
       Something clicks into place inside of his soul. This is a thing that happens sometimes.
       So, Mamimi Samejima is responsible. Mamimi Samejima is the problem. He needs to remove the problem. Well, that and present incontrovertible evidence that she is responsible, that- no, that's a secondary concern. First, we remove the problem. But how? She's not a monster. She is a person. Granted, a weak-willed, stupid person, but a person nonentheless. Who was she always calling the robot dog anyway? Takkun?
       ...half an hour later, and he's in the Union's databases, jumping from there to other databases. Mamimi Samejima, no elite powers, place of origin Mabase Japan... so who from Mabase has a name beginning with 'Ta'... who was involved with her in the past... Tasuku Nandaba, currently in America, so we bring Mamimi to Tasuku, we figure out what their involvement is, we continue to figure it out until she stops being a problem...