Substitute, Day Four (Aoko Aozaki)

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Substitute, Day Four (Aoko Aozaki)
Date of Cutscene: 11 May 2015
Location: Clock Tower, London
Synopsis: Aoko subs in for a class at the Clock Tower.
Cast of Characters: 591


"Good morning class! Have you sat down to think about what yesterday's lessons might have actually be about~? It might save your life one day!"

"No! Fuck this! Fuck you! You think just because you're a Magician you can come in here and give us a hard time? Because we're boring little magi and we'll never be as great as you?!"

"Ah, ah, someone's energetic this morning! No, I think I can treat you like this because I'm your elder by like fifteen years! Also because all your other teachers are kind of dumb. Now, since you volunteered to talk, what was yesterday's lesson, do you think, mm~?"

"Fuck trying to outrun the Grim Reaper."

"He forgot 'don't mess with Bounded Fields made by people much better than you are'. Were the lasers really that necessary, teacher?"

"Yes, yes! Let's widen that a bit. Yesterday's lesson was that if you're ever asked to compete with something on the tier of a decent Dead Apostle or of a Heroic Spirit, you should say no. Don't let your pride as a magus get the better of you. I mean, that advice goes for me too, you know? Haha! Ah, ah, and yes, messing with a magus who outclasses you's work is dangerous business, and there's not a lot you can do about it."

A mannequin is produced from behind the teacher's desk.

"NOW! Today's class features neither my cat nor a Servant. In the next classroom over, I've set up a hundred of these dummies. Different ethnic groups, ages, genders, and even some poor ones and rich ones. I've trapped some of them. For the next couple of hours, we're going to be discussing how to pick your victims. You've been taught that advancing magecraft requires sacrifice, right~?"

"Of course we have been."

"And we've already had a class on victim selection."

"Well then, no big, right? You'll do well! I've set it up so that mannequins representing people I deem bad choices to kill for personal advancement or even global advancement of magecraft blow up. Why don't we see which of you will be keeping their eyebrows today~?"