Substitute, Day One (Aoko Aozaki)

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Substitute, Day One (Aoko Aozaki)
Date of Cutscene: 08 May 2015
Location: Clock Tower, London
Synopsis: Aoko subs in for a class at the Clock Tower.
Cast of Characters: 591


"So... listen, we're, in a bit of a, ah, tight spot, and the only magi we have on hand are... erm... you... and the old man. So ah..."

"Eh, eh~? You want meeeeee to do it?"

"You need the money, right? And we need our perfect schedule to stay perfect. W... without incidents, please. Can you do that? We'll triple your budget this year if you do it, so you shouldn't run out... despite... every other prior year disagreeing very strongly with this."

"I don't know. A classroom full of magi. What's the subject?"


"Hello, hello! My name's Aozaki Aoko, but you can call me Miss Blue! Your teacher's come up with a super awful case of "the deads" or something, I don't know, so I'll be subbing in until they get you a new one! Welcome to Safety Precautions For Dangerous Rituals~! And these are my assistants, my cat and the Grim Reaper! Now, set your textbooks on fire and let's start~."