Substitute, Day Three (Aoko Aozaki)

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Substitute, Day Three (Aoko Aozaki)
Date of Cutscene: 10 May 2015
Location: Clock Tower, London
Synopsis: Aoko subs in for a class at the Clock Tower.
Cast of Characters: 591


"Hello hello class! How are you all this morning? Nope, don't tell me, doesn't matter! I have SUPER plans for you guys today! Now, now, I know my cat was kind of mean to you guys yesterday, but what did we learn~?"

"Familiars are people too."

"Having a loyal partner is better than a mindless pet."

"If you treat a familiar kindly it can do miracles for you."

"Don't piss off Aoko's cat."

"Yeah that one more than the others."

"Haha, haha~. Well. That's alright, that's alright! You're smart kids. Now, today I'll be teaching you about Bounded Fields and safety rules! What do you know about Bounded Fields already?"

"They delimit an area of the world where the rules have been tweaked."

"But, unlike a Reality Marble, they can't do impossible things."

"They're ideal for securing a building."

"They can double up as protective wards."

"But they can also be used for trapping or capturing, right?"

"Mhm, not bad! So here's what I have planned for you guys today. It's a race! Nothing beats experience, right? I've set up a Bounded Field outside this classroom until the end of the hallway. It warps space a little bit, and when someone tries using magecraft it um... that's a ~surprise~. So! You'll be learning how to secure a hallway today. I want each of you to try running through once, while trying to use magecraft! Oh, right, right! My cat's not here today, but you'll be racing the Grim Reaper instead. If he catches you, it's back to the beginning of the hallway!"

A pause.

"Oh, and I got all your other classes cancelled today. We'll be here all day! Now, who's going first~?"