The Dawn (1/3 Rhapsody)

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The Dawn (1/3 Rhapsody)
Date of Cutscene: 16 November 2016
Location: Thirix Roof
Synopsis: The aftermath of the Mana Nexus Incident.
Cast of Characters: 325
Tinyplot: 34 - Moeru

       The light of a new day crept into the Thirix Aerie, of the five resting within, Thianel was the first to rise. In truth, he was never truly asleep, acting as a stalwart guardian over those that needed rest after the events of the previous three months. With the sun rising on the eastern horizon of Ravnica, the 'clockwork' dragon rose, shockingly quiet, and slid past the great double doors, and slipped into the lift that would carry him down to the rest of the spire. The ones still resting deserved their vacation, as did the rest of the Guild, but planning for such a thing was the directive the machine was to now carry out. Schedules to set, personnel to direct, paperwork to fill out, discussions with the other guilds on how the League would operate during the rest of the year. A tedious task for most, but something that was quite normal to the dragon. With a *ping* the lift came to a stop, he strode off and into the a vast library that Thirix contained. Here, where silence reigned, the machine began his rather normal task, but in truth, he had one thought about such a normal routine. "If it keeps them happy, I would do this until the end of time..."
       The light of dawn crept over the azure sister of the three. While she typically kept to her lair below Nivix, the previous night was something she hadn't experienced in years. After the loss of her father, she had been distant, separated. While always most loyal to Rhapsody above all others, acting as the 'unseen bodyguard', she had become something of a spook among the Izzet. A person to fear if you stepped out of line. Such a reputation had caused her to start to wonder if she even belonged near her sister, fearing she may descend into the madness those that join the Dimir often feel. During the incident, she had actually ventured out to the world of Spira, to take a look at a certain dragon's temple. Something in that place had changed her for the better, and when she came back to Ravnica, her smile restored, the only one that may truly know why would be the guardian of that temple. Now, meeting the rising dawn with the same smile, she rises, looks back at her family, and back to the urban horizon again, and then the red star shining despite the rising dawn. "I'm sorry I doubted you.."