The Dawn (3 of 3 Rhapsody)

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The Dawn (3 of 3 Rhapsody)
Date of Cutscene: 16 November 2016
Location: Thirix Roof
Synopsis: Rhapsody's thoughts in the aftermath of the Mana Nexus Incident.
Thanks to: Yunomi Stadler
Cast of Characters: 325
Tinyplot: 34 - Moeru

       Two still slept within the Thirix Aerie. Three, if the brother that rose and returned was counted, but as the rising sun reaches further and further through the windows of Thirix, it would finally fall upon red scales and a white hide. It wasn't the light that made Rhapsody rise, rather the warmth of a familiar sun along with the presence of nearly everyone she truly loved in her life. Sitting up, she saw that some had slipped away for one errand or another. It was hardly surprising. Thianel and Sidonia were stuck in their ways. Ryxinel had given up sleep for days to try and fix something he hadn't created, and .. her? For three months, all Rhapsody knew was that Yunomi had been keeping her safe anyway she could. Turning toward her things, the Guildmaster found a particular trinket, stood, and slipped to the balcony. As she did at Nivix, she climbed for the roof and simply sat down upon it, basking in the early morning sun as she held the Netsuki charm that had called Yunomi home. She noticed the bracelet of roses on her wrist, almost tearing up at the sight of it. She had thought she destroyed this.. but somehow it found its way back to her.
       After gazing at the Netsuki and the bracelet for a moment, she simply set the figurine down, leaned back, set her hands upon the roof of Thirix, and gazed upward. Isperia's star was starting to fade as the blue sky came into its place. Niv-Mizzet's star, however, was still shining straight above. A moment's glance and Rhapsody would simply lay back, looking to the star. She had a lot to say to Yunomi later, but for just this moment, she had to talk to him.
       "I'm sorry we don't talk a lot," she begins. "Especially recently, but with everything that happened, I'm sure you understand, right? I don't know how she did it. Heck, I don't know how -either- of you did it, but between the both of you, I think the world really stopped last night. A shooting star that caused an entire city's breath to catch in its throat. A beacon of hope that shot across the sky like a spark crackling out of a fire, looking to reignite the joy of everyone here. She gave up -everything- to save us, to save me, and I'll never be able to thank her enough. I'll never be able to thank you enough. I can't go into words about how much both of you mean to me." A pause, a glance at the charm and the bracelet again, and then she turns to gaze at the star again. "Father, I promise, we'll figure it out. Me, Yunomi, Thianel, Sidonia, Ryxinel... we will figure out your final riddle. We will find out how to make the world stop. Until then, you can be sure. With us all together again? With Yunomi at my back? I promise you, we will be here waiting for you."
                       "We will be invincible."