The Great Mother (Genghis Rex)

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The Great Mother (Genghis Rex)
Date of Cutscene: 07 May 2015
Location: Reptilon
Synopsis: A mother tells her son a bedtime story
Thanks to: Serori Allo
Cast of Characters: 114
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future

Evening - Somewhere on Reptilon a golden feathered Dinosaur sits in a chair, reading from a book for her excited child, an undersized red tyrannosaurus, whose bright green eyes don't show a hint of drowsiness.

As she snaps the book shut and looks to her son, he claps his claws together and says, "Just one more, mommy, please!"

"You need to sleep, dear. It's well past your bedtime already." his mother said softly.

"PLEASE, just one more! I promise I'll go to sleep after!"

The mother smiled and nodded her head, "I will tell you a story my mother told me long ago ... "

The tiny dinosaur grinned with anticipation, pulling his covers around him as he sat in his bed, sucking on the tip of his tail as most hatchlings did.

"Long, long ago ... before the land and the air and the water, there was a great darkness and the only thing that gave warmth and light in this blackness were the stars. In this darkness lived a huge mother dragon, who was heavy with life and sought a home for her children ... whom she knew would soon be born."

"She went from star to star, but they all turned her away, saying they had no patience for hatchlings. For they were still young themselves and weren't ready for a family."

"Discouraged and fretful, the mother finally came across another young star and begged of it, 'Sol, you are my last hope. My children will wait no longer. If you do not protest, I will give you a family, please protect them and keep them warm.'"

"Sol considered for a long time before he responded, 'I am still young, dear mother ... I cannot raise your children on my own.'"

"The dragon responded, 'You will never be alone, Sol. Give my children life and I will keep them fed, give them earth to walk on, give them air to breath, give them water to drink. All we need is your warmth and your light, we will be no bother to you.'"

"Sol took in the mother's words carefully, the said with hesitation, 'Your burden is heavy, mother dragon ... I will help you carry it.'"

"Relieved the dragon sighed and gave a great push, producing not one, but two eggs."

"'I was not expecting twins.' the tired mother said. 'I will do what I can, but the rest is up to you, Sol.'"

"The mother dragon pushed her eggs so that they were on either side of sol and in just the perfect distance to receive his life giving light. Her blood, scales, flesh, and breath tore themselves from her, joining with the fragile eggs as she moved frantically between them."

"When she did all that she could, and was barely a skeleton, the mother dragon looked to Sol and said, 'Thank you for the lives of my children, Sol. Thank you for being our family.' "

"And Sol told her reassuringly ..." the mother stopped and tilted her head to her little red son, whose green eyes were shut as he sagged in his bed, still somehow sitting upright, his tail drooping over the edge.

She walked over and laid the hatchling down properly in his bed, tucking him in while humming softly. She watched him sleep for a few minutes before quietly walking to the door, as she pulled it shut behind her, and glanced back, "... Sleep well, my little dragon, I will always protect you."