The Hanging Judge (Psyber)

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The Hanging Judge (Psyber)
Date of Cutscene: 18 May 2014
Location: Boston-666
Synopsis: In the aftermath of losing control of a new power, Psyber reflects on a terrible mistake.
Cast of Characters: 253
Tinyplot: New Blood

"You are willing to sacrifice many things, Psyber. Your safety, your possessions, your desires and happiness, even your life, but you are not willing to force sacrifice upon others. You are right, in a sense; in order to be able to, on your own or at least using your own agency, stand toe-to-toe with monsters such as these, you would have to sacrifice your humanity and become a monster through forcing sacrifice upon others."

"But then, I think, it would not be worth it. Or, at least, even one such as myself... Could not truly judge the right path after going in that direction. You have seen it before; nobody has ever done so. The best one can hope for is stooping into these forbidden territories briefly at most, but even that is a risky proposition."

Something from Adjudicator that Psyber had not fully understood the message of. Standing as part of a greater conversation the two had, Psyber had not realized an under-message from the Abstractum. A hidden plea to never become that person.

The half-angel sits alone atop his office, staring out over the city of Boston. His sword is not with him at the moment. Instead, his weapon of the evening is a bottle of whiskey and his opponent will be sobriety. He takes a drag from a cigarette and a long gulp from the bottle, grumbling to himself faintly.

The sword was right. What happened tonight wasn't him, and it should never happen again. He's glad to be rid of the Black Cartridge, and will hope to never see it darken his presence once more. He grumbles faintly and flicks his cigarette, letting ash fall to the ground before leaning to lay on his back and stare up at the stars.

"Never again."

The last thing he has to say before he tips the bottle backwards to drink some more.