The Hard Truth (Gaius Van Baelsar)

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The Hard Truth (Gaius Van Baelsar)
Date of Cutscene: 02 November 2014
Location: Garlean Capitol & Dreadnought
Synopsis: With one assassination attempt out of the way, Gaius now must speak with all the Legatus on the future and also be reminded that there may come a time where he will need to make the hard choices on the very future.
Cast of Characters: 522

...Four days ago...
Garlean Empire - Main Capitol

The mighty structure stood amongst the deeply populated city, round in design with a high spire reaching toward the sky. This was the heart of the Garlean Empire and the heart of the war council handled by all Legatuses and their mighty emperor, Solus zos Galvus.

Past the pillars and past the guards, down an elevator shaft heading underground and past two large steel-wooden doors do all the Legatuses sit. Each with a different armor configuration and none below the age of forty.

One of them places his hand on the table as he stands up, sneering his teeth slightly as he speaks, his structure rather large and his dirty blonde hair kept in a sharp military cut. His green eye stare could possible cut diamonds, "Gaius Van Baelsar /failed/ to gain Eorzea! Nael Van Darnus was ever closer to it than the Black Wolf could ever be!"

A woman with her leg crossed and her arms crossed over her chest speaks with her eyes closed, "The war council has yet to begin. You should hold your complaints for when it does."

Another one spoke up, his armor making up more of his bulk as his fingers nimbly rotate a pin. Perhaps the youngest of Legatuses at the table. "..Where is Van Baelsar? Unlike him to be late-- normally he is the first and he has been waiting on us all.. even more so to great his Radiance."

The dirty blond Legatus snorts softly, "Perhaps he has at last abandoned his post. Ran like a dog he is, with his tail between his legs."

"I think that is quiet enough, hmmm?" A much older man says, as he takes a puff on his pipe. Those steel blue eyes looking in the direction of the aggressive Legatus. "You can speak poorly of him once he arrives."

"You would defend him! You don't know anything that is going on, worse than him, because you're stuck in that ice hole. Which is /perfect/ for a Legatus that is beyond his time of--"

Another one speaks up as he quickly rises to his feet, "Everyone! Please! We all know with our world coming to this place it has been stressful for all, but we are the heads of the most powerful military ever seen in Hydaelyn. To squabble like this, is-- petty and far below us!"

"I must agree." Gaius voice at last breaks from behind the doors as he swings them both open. Those void eye slots of his helm reflect nothing of the room as his steps move in with a precise motion. Right behind him the sound of a cane hits the floor with just as equal precision and perfect rhythmic pattern.

Gaius goes to stand on one side of the door, as an old man walks into the room, causing every Legatus to stand up at the very war table. The old man is regal, a beard pure white as snow that hangs down to his chest. The mighty Garlean crown upon his head, with the armor one would not expect to see on a man of his age.

All the Legatus quickly snap their feet and salute their Emperor-- salute Solus zos Galvus. "Hail your Radiance!" They all say in time. "We are yours to command!"

The Emperor stares at each one of them and gives a nod to Gaius, including the other guard to shut the door as he makes his way to his own chair at the table. Just as easily taking a seat, hiding his age well enough, though the keen eye may see it-- just as Gaius know its-- the years are no longer being kind to his majesty.

He raises up his hand, "All may now sit." His voice says with an equal air of calmness and command, "And let us begin this meetings.. though Gaius Van Baelsar has the table first."

The dirty blonde takes his seat and narrows his eyes, "..that he does…"

Gaius looks directly at the man, before he reaches up to remove his helmet, placing it then at his spot on the table. Those gold eyes looking at each before him, though his eyes lock longer with the other Legatus who has been aggressive the entire time. "I know many of you have your stations and though we control nearly all of Hydaelyn, Eorzea continues to remain from our grasp. Nael Van Darnus had almost come to conquerer Eorzea-- but his mind, as we all know in silence, had become twisted by his own dark ambitions."

Gaius then places his hand over to the side and types something in, which brings up a holographic projection of Eorzea. "By his actions. Eorzea now lays in turmoil and their rebuilding is slow. It is my hope that I can convince the three city states to fold by taking advantage of their weaken state and the use of our new alliance with the Confederacy."

The woman then raises up her hand, when Gaius gives her a nod, she then speaks, "And how do we know we can trust these.. Confederates? They are not of our land and from the reports sent back, not all of them seem very hmm, sane."

Gaius nods and speaks on the matter, "The Confederacy does have their problems within, but their own officers and those in command can be trusted. I equally place my life with them as I would my own men. It is ever important that these relations with them continue to remain strong for any future endeavor."

Another Legatus at the far end of the table speaks up, "And what future would that be, Van Baelsar? Once we have all of Hydaelyn, the conquest of our world will be over. Then we have the troubles of keeping the order."

"Precisely." Gaius says calmly. "With the Confederacy at our side, we will have extra manpower and resources that we can not calmly gain." Gaius then shows a holographic image of the known Multiverse. "In turn, we give support to the Confederacy and their own allies in their own wars." He then looks to the Emperor, "'Tis for this reason I turn to you, my Radiance. Do I have your blessing to offer them further aid then what we have already?"

Solus closes his eyes for a moment, his silence long before he opens his eyes and looks to Gaius, "Though I would desire to aid our new alliance, Van Baelsar. Your continue push in Eorzea is making it hard to give such a permission. As such, the aid in technology will remain as it has."

Gaius brows furrow but he gives a nod, "I understand, your Radiance." Gaius then brings down the map. "..This now brings to the second issue. Someone hired an assassin with enough influence and knowledge to not only get the assassin aboard one of my ships, but had also one rigged to explode.. with a very interesting message."

Gaius then hits another button on the table which plays back the very message ((See: )).

The dirty blond Legatus eye twitches before he speaks up, "So you are accusing one of us, for some assassination attempt on your life?"

Gaius glances over with his gold eyes to the dirty blonde, locking eyes with him. "I do not accuse. I know. I have already gotten permission from his Radiance to handle the matter how I see fit. For I know I have many enemies, but for an enemy among our own to play so low.. it brings a great dishonor to their title, rank, and to the Empire as a whole."

The dirty blond narrows his eyes sharply. "Only /you/ would be worried about /Honor/, Black Wolf."

"..It is all we have left sometimes at the end of the day."

Gaius then closes down the program, " then.. any further questions…"

...Last Night...
Gaius' Own Home - Garlean Capitol

"Why don't you just admit it already." The older Legatus says as he puffs on his pipe. "You are tackling two fronts.. and perhaps three one day. I am also no fool, Baelsar." He then shakes the pipe at his old friend. "You stay in Eorzea for one reason and one reason alone."

"..Not this again.." Gaius says softly as he rubs his nose bridge. "It has nothing to do with /him/. It has everything to do with fixing my failure and making sure no dishonor ever befalls my house's name."

"Bloody 'el Gaius!" The old man barks out, "You are the favored of the Emperor! The one chosen to be next in line! You have nothing to prove but to prove to yourself. You keep lying to yourself, but I /know/ why and its because you /can't/ let go!" The older Legatus then chomps on the edge of his pipe as he puffs a few more times.

Gaius rolls his eyes and then walks over to make sure everything is ready to go, including restocking on some new books to read. "Believe what you will. I do this for the Emperor and the emperor alone."

"Ha!" The older Legatus then shakes his head. "I do not doubt that, my dear old friend-- but it does have to do with a failure, and that failure is you not keeping a promise to Midus. A promise to protect his boy Cid, your godson. That is the only reason you truly linger in Eorzea. You could ignore it right now, knowing-- as you said-- its in a state of disarray. You could put your focus fully on the Multiverse, but no, you remain focused on both fronts. Keeping an ear to the ground for that boy."

"Enough!" Gaius barks as he then turns to face the other Legatus. "Cid is a lost cause. He chose to run away, he chose to fight along side the Eorzean alliance. He is good as dead if I was to bring him back here." Gaius then turns away as he then slams the suitcase's lid shut. "So do not speak to me again over why and why not I do what I must do…"

The other Legatus puffs on his pipe in silence and shakes his head, before he starts to make his way for the door. "So be it, Lord Van Baelsar. But 'tis a shame when a friend knows the man better than himself. For you have never lied to yourself before.. so why do you do so now? You are only opening yourself up for a house of pain.. so either honestly let go of the boy.. or find yourself forever living in regret of what you have no control of."

The Legatus then opens the door before he looks over his shoulder. "I know in the end though, you will make the right choice-- whatever that choice may be." He then looks away. "Safe travels, old friend." The door then closes behind the Legatus, leaving Gaius to his silence and quiet backing of what is left to pack.

Gaius pausing though as he picks up a picture of himself, a very young Cid, and Midus. His eyes softening in that moment before he closes them. " can I give up and surrender to the only family I truly ever had before the war.. for though you may be right old friend, I can not break my promise.. for even that.. will take me down a far darker road."

Dreadnought Airship

The smaller craft lands in the hangars of the far mightier airship. Men stand at ready and once the door opens, the dark armored figure steps out, they all give a quick Imperial salute. Gaius Van Baelsar then walks past his men, each who hold the salute until Gaius walks far past them and he watches as a young woman in white armor starts to make her way up to him. Her helm hiding her features with one eye seeming to have a 'patch' over it. "My lord," she says with a imperial salute, followed by a bow. "It is good to have you among us again."

Gaius gives her a nod. "It is good to be back home as well, Tribune. Now let us go over the reports on what has transpired while I was away..."