The Light (Rhapsody)

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The Light (Rhapsody)
Date of Cutscene: 30 October 2016
Location: Ravnica - Nivix Aerie
Synopsis: Rhapsody finds a very important clue...
Cast of Characters: 325
Tinyplot: 34 - Moeru

       Rhapsody was running out of places to search.
       Since she had called upon the loyal members of the Izzet League to create the massive, illusionary blue and red rose that stood between the spires, she had hoped that she would find some piece of evidence. Some kind of response from Yunomi. Anything in a currently darkened world that, despite her family, felt far too lonely.
       Today, the guildmaster had slept in late. A day of rest was needed after going through a dizzying number of interviews with the members of the Izzet League. Each one had been asked a number of simple questions. 'What is your purpose in the Izzet?' 'How does your research benefit the Izzet League and the city of Ravnica?' 'Are you loyal to -every- member of the Izzet League?' In these three questions, in addition to looking into each member's recent activity in the guild, Rhapsody, Ryxinel, and Sidonia had weeded out those simply in the Izzet for their own gain, and had settled upon those that were truly within the Izzet for the reason the League was created. For the betterment of Ravnica through ingenuity and utility. It wasn't so shocking that many of those that were cast out were also new additions since Niv-Mizzet's departure, ones that preyed upon a fledgling Guildmaster to find money to suit their own needs. While the ones cast out were not forced to leave the sector, they would no longer have access to the spires, the labs, or the funding. They would simply have homes within the sector to do what they pleased, and would be considered 'provisionary Izzet' until they either agreed to serve the Izzet in a better light, or moved on. It was their decision.
       The rest so desperately needed now came to a slow end as the sun rose over the city's horizion. Tin Street's shops would begin to open, the city would slowly shift from it's night cycle to day. The upper city would have all manner of person and beast wandering it's streets in search of their needs for the day. As Rhapsody's eyes slipped open, she was again reminded of the one thing she needed, but didn't have. 
               Or did she?
       Something was different in this dawn. As the world came into focus, something in the window to her den had changed. In the tantrum she had thrown weeks earlier, the roses that had been grown outside her window had been burnt into nearly nothing, something that had brought a tear to her eyes when she realized what she had done. She had believed these simple flowers to be ash, cinders, thorns, and little else. Today she could see new green, new growth, and most important of all, a single blooming rose standing in defiance of the death around it. 
       This had to be a sign! There were only two people that had tended to these delicate plants, and recently, it had NOT been Rhapsody. The vibrant red hue of the rose also stirred her memory to something else. Something she had been meaning to look at. Something that Yuna had brought that the dragon had been to skeptical to open.
       Rising from her rest, Rhapsody strode to a desk full of notebooks. A delivery from her brother with a note that had stated 'You need to see this' but she hadn't seen the note. Opening the red notebook named 'FIRST RESULT', she began to read, slowly working out the puzzle within until the message before her caused her eyes to go wide. This was it. This is what she had been looking for! ... The Union needed to know.
       Bolting from the chair, setting it spinning in her wake, the Guildmaster took to the first terminal she could find in the lower sections of the spire. They -needed- to see this..