The Only Thing Left (Raditz)

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The Only Thing Left (Raditz)
Date of Cutscene: 10 December 2016
Synopsis: Raditz flies to find the only thing left to fight for.
Cast of Characters: 486

In the immediate aftermath of the Reality Quakes, Raditz flew. Land-mass after land-mass, warpgate after warpgate, Raditz kept flying. He had to get back to Earth. Not Earth from his Universe, but the one that he had for a brief time ruled, protected, and made his home. He no longer ruled it, but he certainly would fight to protect it now, because that was where his family was, and that was the only thing left for him.

As he sat in a space pod, which he confiscated from a stranded Frieza Force goon he chanced upon (and promptly murdered on principle), Raditz found himself thinking back over the years past, just over a decade from when he found himself inexplicably revived from death.

It was an awkward moment meeting his brother again, but they bonded for real by testing each other's skill, and Raditz felt pride in his brother, who had accomplished such greatness... But now Kakarot was gone... Dead? Training? Who knew?

Then he met his prince, who had also changed as a man, though Raditz had was unsure of what to expect of him. They fought and in battle the prince earned Raditz's respect... But now Vegeta was gone... Where to? Who knows...

Raditz would join the Union, because for whatever reason Kakarot and Vegeta were a part of it. He figured why not? Would be a great bunch of people to fight alongside, he figured, and the Confederacy seemed like an interesting Challenge. With the Union, Raditz battled enemies who plagued his universe time and again. With the Union, he saved worlds time and again. With the Union, he ascended into the ranks of Super Saiyan. With the Union, he battled Gods and Demons, scarred over and over. With the Union he rose from the despair of his failures and regrets.

During his time in the Union, Raditz even learned what it meant to have love in varying degrees. Most of his romances were brief, some meaningful, a number not, and there was one especially hazy Eggnog drunken memory getting caught under the mistletoe with a certain head of a vampire hunting organization which he swore never to speak of again. And then there was the one that was never meant to be, that he desperately tried to do what it took to make work, it was his deepest, and most painful love. It was all gone now...

All of it was a part of his life in the Union, and it was gone. Through trials and tribulations, the Union forged Raditz into a stronger man, a better man. The Union stood with the Union because it made him the best he could be, and now it was gone... There was nothing left.

Except his new home. His new Earth. His new family. The one that he made for himself without the Union. He wouldn't lose them. He couldn't lose them. His wife, his child.

They were the only things left. Without them, he may as well have stayed dead.