The Quest Log (Tomoe)

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The Quest Log (Tomoe)
Date of Cutscene: 25 October 2017
Location: Haven Castle - Tomoe's Quarters
Synopsis: Tomoe is taking a break in haven when she gets a new quest on her log and it's one that brings her much dismay
Cast of Characters: Tomoe
Tinyplot: The Dark Lady

The Quest Log

Tomoe was tired today, she was sprawled out in her personal quarters in the small Castle Settlement of Haven which the GU had been operating out of, she was in her Salamander form, still one she wore more than her actual one, that or Eisen had become even more her face. She's got to the point she had bought not only non combat clothing in the ALO region but actual clothing from Tokyo and beyond. She was just dressed casually with a my other alt's a shotgun ninja is printed on her shirt. %R%R She was playing a old portable game system, with an cross over mecha game.

Then came the ping upon her HUD she rose up setting the game on pause as the small Blue SD Mecha paused in the middle of it's attack. She pulled up her menu's and looked at the quest log. You have one new quest. Her eyes settled on the quest name.

The Dark Lady's Duty.

The expression on Tomoe's face sank as she did so she looked it over, the quest chain she thought was done had been broken, this was her fault for rushing in bullheaded and there's nothing she can do but ride it out she read over the details. That a band of heroes were hunting the Dark Lady Tomoe according to her scouts and she must rally her Dark Generals. She also noticed she had quest items not related to her dark general and they seemed to give each person who were given by them a quest. She just sighed, she was going to need some help to deal with this.

She closed down the game saving the progress, the game would have to wait as she groaned inwardly then shuddered realized she would have to wear that infernal outfit for the quest, God save her, from that terrible thing, but there was no helping it and she started to send out her mails asking certain people she trusted for help. She also wondered was she being played like the guy in Interstellar Frontiers Online. That was a legitimate concern there but she would see she had no choice but to go forward lest she be hounded on her own home world over this.