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The first Unifications began many hundreds of years ago, on an iteration of Earth not entirely unlike our own. Reality changed abruptly and destructively as this Earth, now called Earth Prime, became the foundation of the Multiverse. Reality tore itself apart as foreign buildings and geographical features were stitched onto the planet, and even began to expand it to impossible dimensions. Many were consumed by this shift in reality, but those who were not -- called the Founders -- gained strange powers as they fled to more stable portions of what would come to be called the Multiverse.

As the Multiverse expanded and worlds came into contact with one another, alliances began to form between worlds as they had once formed between nations. New governments rose from the unity of multiple worlds working in concert... and collapsed. Time was found to have slowed for the inhabitants of some worlds, and for those who did not benefit from this strange temporal anomaly, the combined medical technology and magic of many worlds put together often prolonged life spans dramatically, or even indefinitely in some cases.

Soon enough, the first of the great alliances found reasons to come into conflict. A great assembly of Empires combined their significant strength and set out to expand their power and influence over the Multiverse. A smaller, more disorganized group engaged them using guerrilla warfare and surgical strikes to deal decisive blows despite inferior resources, and the two came to a stalemate for a time. It all changed with the discovery of the warp gates, natural tunnels between points in space-time that could be used to reach any other warp gate.

The Warpgate Empire, which would later come to be called the Confederacy, immediately set out to use the warp gate system to dominate the Multiverse. They would have been successful if the predecessor of the Union had not ventured deep into the Volatile Wastes and tampered with the fabric of the warp gates from the heart of the Multiverse, limiting the range of individual warp gates dramatically. This stranded many of the Empire's forces, and allowed many defending worlds to reclaim control of their territories immediately.

That was over four hundred years ago now. Since then, the Multiverse has experienced multiple configuration events similar to its beginnings on Earth Prime. The great super-governments that dominated the Multiverse have coalesced and collapsed, leaving behind a number of ideologically opposed Factions who champion their own agendas on the ever-expanding landscape of the Multiverse.

As time marches on, more and more worlds are forced together, and situations that were previously familiar have begun to twist and distort beyond the expectations of those who once experienced them...

(For an IC take on some of our history, please read the following log.)