Titan Towers (Genghis Rex)

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Titan Towers (Genghis Rex)
Date of Cutscene: 14 April 2015
Location: Reptilon - Titan Towers
Synopsis: Terrible Dactyl visits Rex's cousin Attila.
Thanks to: Rhapsody & Brooklyn
Cast of Characters: 114
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future

Terrible Dactyl hung lazily in the updrafts above the Tyranno business district, just outside Titan Towers, the corporate headquarters of the GGF (Global Gladiator Federation). The scene below wasn't quite chaos, but the thousands of mourners, wreaths, flowers, and keepsakes piled up in and on the sidewalks and alleyways below made him happy he had a good set of strong wings.

The Tyranno set down on the helipad and was immediately surrounded by all manner of Reptilonians in black suits, aiming fossilizers at him.

"Oh please. Back off you buffoons, you know me!" Dactyl sniped, flashing his id at them.

A large Stegosaurus who looked like he'd probably spent 8 hours everyday of his life lifting weights since he was probably 2 minutes old waved off the other equally buffed up sentinels, "Sorry, Mr Dactyl. Hard not to be jumpy these days."

Dactyl nodded to the Stegosaur and marched past him, straight for the blacked out glass doors of the penthouse. His target, a large brownish red tyrannosaur, sat comfortably behind a large ornate wooden desk, puffing on a cigar.

"Attila Rex." Dactyl said, pulling off his goggles, "No helicopter means you're not going anywhere for a while. Have you seen the streets below?"

"Seen them? Hell, I've got t-shirt vendors set up every 20 feet, down there!" Attila chuckled, "I don't have anywhere to be anyway, next pay per view isn't till next month. Oh, and it's not 'Attila Rex' anymore, it's 'Mister MacMahonadon.'"

Dactyl's beak gaped open, "You're HONESTLY making money off Brachio's death?"

Attila shrugged, "Hey, gotta strike while the iron's hot. Dead or alive, I'll be making money off that kid for the rest of my days! He made me a billionaire you know! He might make me ANOTHER billion before the week's out!"

Terrible Dactyl clenched his fists, choking down his anger, "I swear, you're all alike! All of you damn Rexes. It's all about YOU isn't it? It's all about exploiting everything you can for personal gain, you can't even stop for a second and ..."

The tyrannosaur stood up, staring down the much smaller pterodactyl, "Let me stop you RIGHT THERE birdbrain! Don't YOU compare ME to that Idiotops you work for! He might be my cousin, but he's NOTHING like me. Hell, I've go more in common with his sister than I do with him and she's batshit insane!"

Dactyl fell silent, taken aback by Attila's retort.

Attila straightened up, he was several years older than Rex, about the same height, but far more musclebound which caused him to bulge out of his finely tailored suit, which was a look he was famous for.

"I love my little cousin, I do, but he'd doomed. He doesn't have the killer instinct it takes to lead anything. Sure, he'll bend rules and do questionable things now and then, but he's too timid to actually BREAK the rules. Plus, he's an idealist. His head is full of dreams and ideas and plans about how the world 'SHOULD' be, and no grasp on how it actually is. You break rules, you take advantage of those who are weaker than you and exploit EVERY weakness you see ... THAT is how you survive, THAT is how you THRIVE, THAT is how you lead!"

Attila leaned in and stared Dactyl dead in the eyes, "No idealist EVER lead ANYONE anywhere EVER. They end up hanging on crosses, burning on stakes, having their heads lopped off, or getting knifed in their sleep from someone that they love."

"Now that we have the morality speech out of the way, Mister Dactyl, WHY ARE YOU HERE?"

Dactyl stammered, "Umm, it's Dei ... have you seen her, do you have any idea ..."

The Tyrannosaur cut him off, "Haven't seen the bitch in years. That, all you need from me?"

The Pterodactyl fidgeted around nervously, "Umm, I guess ..."

Attila smiled, showing his rows of razor sharp teeth, "Then kindly get the fuck out my office!"

Dactyl hurried toward the door, opened it and rushed outside, but just as the door started to close behind him he stopped it and glanced back, "You know, you're right. He's not at all like you. Thank the egg for that. You know what else? If we lose the fight that's coming, you won't live to spend those billions ..."