Tough Decision (Terry McGinnis)

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Tough Decision (Terry McGinnis)
Date of Cutscene: 02 December 2015
Location: Gotham City - Batcave
Synopsis: Terry gets ready to head to Remnant and talks with Max on this decision.
Cast of Characters: 867

Terry was in the Batcave, going over some stuff as he sat at the Batcomputer. Max walked down the stairs, "McGinnis," she said. "Shouldn't you be out patrolling?" she asked him as she walked up to him.

Looking up at her, Terry thought, "Yea, but one of the other people here from the Multiverse wanted to do it for a while," he states as he stretches. "Plus I was thinking of going to get some additional training at one of the school within the Multiverse," he adds as he stands up.

Max looks at him, "Really, not like you have a lot of skills and knowledge already," she mentions. "Plus you did create that antidote from that droid HK-47," she adds as she walks over to the lockers. "So, what are you gonna do at this school?" she asks Terry.

"Well, a chance to learn new skills in fighting these things called Grimm's," he says to her. "Plus I need to know how things are done with all the different worlds here encase any of that comes to Gotham," he mentions. "We do not need killer droids that use gas to kill people," he states. "Although that will happen soon at some point," he adds. "Its bound too." and he grabs a bag and finishes placing stuff in it.

"What's that?" Max asks him.

"Never know when I will need to gather samples, plus having samples of plants and and other stuff to study," and he grabs some of Bruces old items, like a spare utility belt and some stuff to go into it. "I will have the Batsuit, but when I am not in it, I want to be ready," he mentions to her.

"You do know that you cannot stay in your suit the entire time, and that they will find out who you are. You sure that is a good thing?" she asks. "It was bad enough when Bruce found out Hoshi knew who you are, and not to mention Winry when she came to help with the suit damage years ago."

Looking, Terry nods, "Yea, but it is gonna happen at some point. Having them find out when I get hurt is not gonna work, cause then that might be troublesome to them in a situation. If they know before hand, then it is better. Plus I am sure that a few within the Union have begun to figure out who I am."

Max nods and sits down, "I'll work on info about this place your going to, and who the major powers are," and she types at the Batcomputer and looks. "What about your Christmas gifts to people this year," she asks him.

Looking, Terry shrugs, "I was not able to find anyone to enchant the earrings for Ella to let her be able to see, so I am gonna just give them to her. I have a few other stuff already picked out for people and will get more," and he looks. "And your gift will be here. I think you will like it too," and he walks over and gives her a hug. "I'll be back after this Initiation. I am just not sure what else will be happening. And if you can, look into info for the friend of Annie Sandberg, Yuuki. No idea who she is, but something about being sick and a vr game. IF you can find out the info, let me know, cause I am concerned about Annie. Also let Ella know when you find out too please. Thanks." and with that he walks over to the motorcycle he uses and it has a few stuff added to it and he places the batsuit int he hidden compartment and then the other stuff in the side holders. "I'll check in with you when I get to Remnant and let you know. Take care Max and call if you need me or if something bad happens. We can use the boom tube to get me back here quick,"

Max nods, "Sure thing McGinnis. Be careful and good luck," she adds as Terry starts the bike and heads out of the Batcave for Remnant. "Please be careful there." she adds as the Batcave closes.