Uncountable (Toph Beifong)

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Uncountable (Toph Beifong)
Date of Cutscene: 02 April 2014
Location: New York-199999
Synopsis: As Toph's metalbending improves, she learns that it has its drawbacks too. GORE WARNING.
Cast of Characters: 20

Where this is is irrelevant. When this is does not matter either. Not that she would know anyway. It feels all cramped anyway, confined. Just like how running feels like having your legs stuck in glue, bending properly is a near impossible task. Of course she realizes that this is a dream. It must be. Even so, it is... rather unsettling.

For one, the screaming just won't stop. No matter how much she pleads. The rapid pulsing and pounding only increases in pace with the pained breathing that can be heard through the rough cries for mercy. No, don't move! This unspoken command isn't only for her own arms and hands which refuse to act according to her usual iron will, and she feels herself pushing the struggling figure down. All while her hands do not focus on the tense flesh and sweaty skin in their struggle. Unsurprisingly enough, it feels a bit different in this dream compared to what it is for real. Everything is fussy, unclear. But her mind remembers those small bits hidden behind and far underneath the more prominent materials. Subtly her finger shift. In response the screaming only intensifies. Again her fingers move, calling out to the metal and feeling it tear its way out. Within only a matter of seconds the screaming turns to a horrible gurgling, and the body desperately moves, arms and legs struggling to force her away. Even now, her arms do not obey her, unmoving as stone.

It feels like an eternity.

Even more so when the sounds and struggles finally fade to nothing, replaced by a metallic scented slickness covering her still steady hands along with too many shards for her to be able to count as they dig their way into her skin.

A choked gasp leaves Toph as she abruptly pushes herself up from the bed, the room silent save for the indignant meow. At about the same time as she feels a familiar shape kick off from near her feet, only to hit the floor only to scamper off into the distance where ever she no longer can hear the faint steps. The blind girl sits still, heaving for breath as she feels the covers stick to her sweaty skin, her hair unruly and hanging down into her face as she slowly remembers where she is through the remnants of the nightmare. Unlike its imaginary state previously, her hand is far from steady as she works on untangling herself from the covers that she has apparently rolled around in. Did she toss and turn /that/ much? Once her other arm has been freed as well, the earthbender shakily reaches out to touch the nearby wall to get a look of things, closing her eyes as she concentrates. Save for the cat heading towards the living room and the stairs, the house seems to be quiet.


Letting out a tired yet relieved groan, Toph flops back into bed, half closing her eyes as she rubs at her sweaty brow with the back of her hand. It is quiet in the house...

"Jarvis...? What time is it?" She certainly hopes her voice didn't sound /too/ shaky just now.

"Four thirteen in the morning, Miss Beifong," the British voice responds dutifully.

With a grunt Toph rolls over, feeling the mattress settle underneath her after she's turned over the pillow and flipped the covers about her. It's way too early to get up just yet. Maybe she can manage to fall asleep again. But she can't help but frown as she still feels her hand shaking, even as she tightens her grip around the edge of the covers. Only to yank it over her head.