Undead Reckoning (Corona Arclite)

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Undead Reckoning (Corona Arclite)
Date of Cutscene: 15 June 2017
Location: Brimsteel Frontier
Synopsis: Now we find out what's really up in Gaslight Gultch.
Cast of Characters: Corona Arclite

Night had fallen fully by the time the posse returned to the survey train's post. Several had gathered in the caboose serving as the expedition's mobile operations center along with Miss C to find out about the weird circumstances Corona and her new companion had gotten into.

Miss C sat in her chair with a teacup, the properness of the collie businesswoman as always in contrast to her more rugged surroundings. "I'm still not certain if I -want- to know what got you two gunked up in a scalamander nest," she murmured as she gave the fox and the skunk a scrutinizing look.

"Cuz we were hidin' from what was chasin' us outta the town, that's why," Corona drawled back, then gave the skunk girl a nudge forward. "But Ah promised Ah'd bring back info on what's goin' on down there, so here ya go."

"Um, yeah." Windrose figited with her pilot style leather jacket a bit, tail twitching. "I came out here looking for work and just found a heap of weirdness instead."

Miss C raised an eyebrow, moreso at the young lady's attire. "Gaslight Gultch is a strange place for a pilot to be looking for a job."

"But a good place to get away from overbearin' family that won't let a pilot do what -- Aw that ain't important right now," Windrose cut herself off, wave off the matter dramatically, and got back to the real matter. "Gaslight Gultch has been overrun by the walkin' dead." Windrose held out her arms and took a few exaggerated stiff steps. "Ghost, skeletons, fourty-niners blowin' themselves up like walkin' powder kegs, the whole kit'n'kaboodle of weird shit."

"And hidin' from the goulish gunmen is how we wound up in that steam cave." Corona rubbed the back of her head with her hand, tilting her hat askew. "Didn't realize it was occup'd until it wuz too late. Couldn't call fer backup until Ah wiggled my device free and kicked it 'gainst the rocks to trip the beacon."

"That... is certainly not the sort of 'trouble' I was expecting." Miss C set aside the teacup, then folded her hands together thoughtfully. "Yet, somehow I am not surprised this wilderness would find a way to make 'ghost town' a literal thing."

"A'nope. It's weird, but it ain't ex'ctly unnormal for Brimsteel either." Corona pauses to pick up her flask of cactusjack and take a long swig from it. "Considerin' some of the other weirdness we've already run 'cross. And Gaslight being haunted does put most of the Gasworks' labor out of a stable home, though. No wonder they're gettin' testy, but no one wantin' to admit to somethin' like this goin' on."

Miss C nodded in agreement. "Miss Windrose, do you know where these 'undead' came from?"

Windrose shook her head. "No, but Ah know lotta them loiter 'round the saloon, and the city hall. They might be lookin' for something."

"Welcome to the Wild Weird West of Brimsteel, kid. Ah reckon we'll just have to find out fer ourselves." Corona gave Forgesweeper a spin her hand, catching the shotgun in a way that the momentum ratcheted the cocking mechanism for her. "Sure the posse ain't gonna mind doin' a bit of ghost bustin'."